The Second Pillar: Becoming Wise and Wealthy



In my program, Boundless Brilliance, I have established six pillars of performance. These are:


  • Holding your ground in leadership.
  • Becoming wise and wealthy.
  • Empowering your self esteem.
  • Amplifying your energetic antenna.
  • Choosing power over comfort.
  • Keeping composure under pressure.


In my last article, we went over the first pillar, how to hold your ground in leadership. In order to hold your ground, you must know what it is in the first place. You have to understand how you created your position on the beliefs defining your life and your views on success.

For more information, workshops and courses on these pillars, you can go to my programs page.

In the second pillar, we address how to become wise and wealthy. Wise is before wealthy on purpose, in case you were wondering. After establishing your own beliefs, the next step is understanding how you unconsciously participate in the drama of others. 

You may have heard of the term fight or flight when it comes to instinctive responses, but did you know there was a third?


Think of a deer caught in the headlights of your car as you’re driving. They freeze, before bounding away (flight). 

Or a rabbit in your yard. It freezes, thinking if it's still enough, you won’t see it. 


Certain people in your life, when scared, don’t jump or scream - they punch out, hit, and kick. They fight.

For an entertaining but educating review of these responses, you can watch this video. (some language).


This response is ingrained in our amygdala, a little almond-shaped piece, buried deep in our brains near the brain stem. This is where all of our instinctual emotions and reactions live - think two-year-old brain. 

The pre-frontal cortex, however, is where all of your executive decision-making comes from - the adult brain. 


Here’s the issue. Our beliefs are often tied with key events, which triggered an emotional or instinctual reaction. Then you are trying to make an adult-brain decision, based on two-year-old brain instinctual reactions. Not the best recipe for success. 


You have to tackle the illusion, based on your instincts, that you have ‘no control’ over what is happening.

You may not always have control over the situation - but you always have control over your response. 


The trick is in turning the two-year-old brain off, so you can make an adult decision. Your emotions and instincts exist for a very good reason - to protect you. 

But we often confuse protection with comfort. 

Protection and comfort will only replicate what you have already done. 

Power comes from being willing to do something you haven’t done before, to achieve a successful result you’ve never experienced. 


When we learn to function without being limited by our instinctive reactions, we are able to live wisely. The next step is defining your own version of wealth - what does it look like, taste like, feel like, sound like? 


Realize that wealth is not represented in only dollars and cents. It's also measured in down time, freedom to make choices about your future without fear, quality time with family. Consider what your "numbers" are, and what also represents your idea of wealthy living. 


Once you define the specific view and goal of wealth you want to pursue, suddenly, you are able to move faster and make more progress than ever before. 


This is because your instincts are allowed their place, but are no longer in charge. And your executive functioning can actually be... well, executive. 

Unlock your own boundless brilliance, unlearn the delusions that keep you trapped, and unlock your potential.