What If You Could Live Your Life Fully Alive,
Powerfully, With Clarity and Peace of Mind?  

 Working privately with me is for you if

  • You’re up to something big but can’t seem to get started or get going.
  • You lost your mojo and fear burnout, and your current pace feels overwhelming
  • You or your team are facing challenges that seem overwhelming and hard.
  • You've come to a standstill in your career and wonder if all the hard work is worth it and
    what legacy you want to leave behind.

If you’d like to make real and lasting changes in a fraction of the time and with less struggle, pressure, and stress
than you can imagine,
find your voice and impact others at a whole different level, here are some ways for us to work together: 

For people who are serious about making a difference and impacting many.

Boundless Brilliance
Andrew Hughes  - CEO, Andrew Hughes

“I worked with Liselotte some months ago, specifically concerning the boom-bust cycle that many entrepreneurs and consultants experience. I'd always had the ability to make plenty of money, but it's a talent I had balanced with an equal ability to splurge while taking it easy for a month or three. I somehow needed financial pressure to focus on serving others through my work. As a result, I didn't have nearly the impact I wanted to have. I met Liselotte and had my INFINITE POTENTIALITY INTENSIVE with her.

Liselotte took me to some very unexpected places, and although we were connecting over Skype, it had an immediate physical impact on me. I felt some held beliefs were being drawn out of me, and some of those I didn't even know I had. The session was profound, and a whole range of small changes immediately began to occur, leading to a slew of additional insights and
changes over the following months.

Three months later, I am looking at the busiest year and the most vital flow of work I've ever had in my consulting business. Nothing has changed with my content, relationships, or desire to serve others and lift global consciousness, but there's been a significant shift in my attitude to my success and what comes with it. That small change has profoundly impacted how I approach my life's work and what the world reflects back to me. I'm so grateful that I've had the opportunity to work with Liselotte and am delighted to make this recommendation”

CEO, Andrew Hughes

Boundless Brilliance
Anette Fernström  - CEO, Hälsoresurs

“When I started to work with Liselotte, I'd been running my company for almost six years, and I was exhausted. I did everything myself, and the revenue was a low six-figure. I had many limiting beliefs that I constantly affirmed to be true. Everything from “Money is not important” to “I want to be free, and therefore I don’t need any help or don’t want to have any employees.”

Liselotte helps me feel courageous and safe. Only a couple of months into our collaboration I had taken on my first employee. I also outsourced the bookkeeping. I have since never again said that “money isn’t important.” This step was the start of a fantastic journey, for me personally and for my company.

Seven years later, I am living a fully balanced life and have the freedom of working only four days per week. The company is profitable, and we are turning multiple seven figures. We are five employees now. Thank you, Liselotte, for encouraging me to make big leaps in my development and growth. You have a unique ability to make me feel that everything is possible.”

CEO, Hälsoresurs

Ways of working together


The INFINITE POTENTIALITY INTENSIVE will help you connect deeply with your innate wisdom, thoughts and personal power.

My way of working has developed over time and has proven results for hundreds of clients. It will help you drop outdated feelings, become aware of  your blind spots and free up more creative capacity within you so you can lead from a completely new place of
happiness, freedom and joy.

More about IPI here


Sometimes you don’t need a completely life-changing experience; a tweak and a different perspective are enough. Often a reconnect to a vision, a goal, or boost your energetic self is what is most needed.

The Catalyst Conversations are surprisingly deep, held in a safe, delightfully light-hearted way and can be used to break through a situation, tune up and calibrate before a big event or find the inner strength to take the next best move. Set aside 2-3 hours and bring your favourite cuppa. We're off for a ride! 

 Request a Catalyst Conversation

Boundless Brilliance
Anette Pavlovic - CEO, Karateakademin

“Twenty-three years ago, I was the last to come out alive from a sinking boat; the seven after me all died. I suffered from PTSD for many years due to the struggle to survive.

I had a lot of different therapies, and since I work with psychotherapy myself, I could also do some work with myself.

When I came to Liselotte, 20 years had passed, and I was sure I had recovered as much as I could expect. I had learned to live with the sensitivity to certain smells, sounds, changes in stability, my fear of traveling in general, and that reading the news or watching movies forever meant a risk of awakening associations that would trigger flashbacks.
I had come to terms with all of it as something to live within acceptance.

Quite soon, in the very first session, Liselotte asked about what had happened, we went through it all, and she suggested we’d do some work on it. I agreed without high expectations.

A few nights later, a late-night movie came on, a reality-based production that caught my interest. After an hour or so, my husband, who’d joined me, looked at me in disbelief. He asked me if I realized what I was watching. My response was,” yes, quite an interesting Icelandic piece about a fisherman who unexplainably survives for 5 hours in the winter sea after the boat sinks,” I continued to watch, slowly realizing what I had just said.

Three years have passed, and I am still completely free of the trauma; I have all the memories and learning experiences but none of the re-traumatizing flashbacks. I have no explanation for how Liselotte helped me, only the calm and secure feeling she left me with.

I am forever grateful, Liselotte.”

CEO, Karateakademin


An intensive and life-changing experience 

This is a life changing and out of the ordinary experience. I have designed a deep transformational process that benefits from having two sleep cycles, so the change we're creating will have a chance to manifest and ground in you. For two and a half days we'll be together in a beautiful and highly sophisticated place. You'll be treated like a royal and cared for like a precious little baby. You'll have nothing to take care of during these days, only be, breathe and let the changes integrate.

Our work is like drawing a line in the sand, with a clear before and after where everything is different from before.

You'll travel home with a clear and peaceful mind, with an action plan to integrate what we've created.

Ten days after ILLUMINATE we'll have our first follow up session. We then calibrate your energy and actions again, and adjust what's needed to your home/business environment. Ten days later, we'll have pour second calibration session and you're fully ready to fly!  

An ILLUMINATE VIP-retreat has changed lives and revitalised the careers of numerous founders of companies, high-potential executives, and leaders in multiple industries.

Due to the nature of the program, I have limited availability for the ILLUMINATE retreats.  If you feel drawn to this profound, intensive and life-changing opportunity, please contact me so we can set up a complementary clearing consultation session as a first step and find out if this program is the right for you.

Boundless Brilliance
Nina Widtskiöld - CEO, NW Production

“I had been looking for a business coach for several years before I met Liselotte, and so far not found somebody that I could relate to.
It was vital for me to find an executive attentive coach that could help me to outline my goals, handle fears, analyze my current situation as well as my possibilities and, above all, help me to make my business move forward.

I wanted someone who could give me guidance on how to achieve economic success in my business to find the balance in life that is so important.

Liselotte has helped me with all this and much more. She gives me insight into the possibilities that surround us all, and she has undoubtedly helped me to find
the right strategies for my business.
I warmly recommend her!”

CEO, NW Production

Boundless Brilliance

“I’m the owner of an Executive Search firm. We started in 2009, and after a couple of years, I lost the spark of joy in what I was doing. It became mundane, and I began to ponder what I would do with the rest of my life. Should I continue the same up to retirement, or should I do something completely different?
I have known Liselotte since 2012, when I did my first education with her. Her holistic approach has always fascinated me, and at the beginning of 2018, I decided to hire her as my coach. At the time, I was just through a separation, my energy was bottom low, and I felt confused about my future.
During the years we’ve worked together, Liselotte has helped me change my mindset entirely. I am fully aware that what I think and tell myself becomes my truth. She has helped me see opportunities instead of problems. She helped me to see that EVERYTHING is possible! Her being a tremendously wise and savvy businesswoman makes her the best companion a business owner can have.
My years with Liselotte have given me a lot of energy on many different levels. Above all, I have grown and developed as a person, and I’ve found myself profoundly. As a coach, Liselotte is genuinely interested in me as a person. She’s profoundly engaged and knowledgeable about my business. Her business mind makes her exceptional in combination with her wisdom about how everything is linked together. ”

CEO, Select Executive Search


We work privately and intensively over a period of three months, and we start our journey with a 2-day inauguration, in person or virtually.

We follow the Boundless Brilliance Content Map as a base for our work. However, the nature of this plan is 100% designed around your needs and desires.

Our work plan includes weekly sessions, plus check-in and alignment calls as many and as often as you need. We will also schedule 2 extra intensive virtual days where we dive deeper into your dreams, desires, and energetic alignment. You will also have full access to me in our private communication channel.

My coaching and mentoring is intensive and I request a 100% commitment from you, in this process work. Trust me, you won't regret it! 

To request an Infinite Potentiality Intensive, the Luminous Individual Coaching / Mentoring program click here.  

  • Boundless Brilliance

    “Liselotte is a fantastic transformational business coach, combining universal wisdom with powerful business models to create growth and brilliance. I have repeatedly assigned Liselotte during the last ten years for support in my quantum leaps, both personally and in my business. The turnover and revenue in my business tripled in the first two years we worked together. I found and could afford the beautiful house I dreamt of. I have increased my power, upgraded my belief system, and moved from destructive, energy-consuming relationships to joy and grace both in my private life and business. Pure magic!”

    CEO, Change leader

  • Boundless Brilliance

    “I can recommend Liselotte in all ways I can. The professional work she does to expand your view and connect it to your values and your mission in life. The result you get in your personal development will gain you in your personal life and your leadership, business, and career.”

    CEO, Carpe Persona

  • Boundless Brilliance

    “Liselotte helped me in several fundamental ways. First, helping me learn to navigate home life and work life so that I could give my best to both. Second, in challenging and supporting me to be brave and go for my current entrepreneurial chapter. She brings both savvy business skills as well as clear-eyed and valuable self-management skills which I not only use personally but also to mentor others. It was a great pleasure to work with Liselotte. ”

    MCIOS, Country manager Agile One

  • Boundless Brilliance

    “There are no short-cuts, and I don't believe that life subserves any "quick fix" however – already after three sessions with Liselotte, I have now bookings, expositions, and art engagements for the coming two years, and this current year is now fully booked!”

    Artist @ Emmas

  • Boundless Brilliance

    “Thank you; this was exactly what I needed. In seconds the heavy feeling I'd felt for the past few days was gone. Before I felt exhausted, heavy, and unable to do anything, afterward it was like I was surrounded by light, and cold streams of massive energy came into my body through my head. My eyes feel bigger and brighter now. I feel in charge. I'm ready!”

    CEO, LAE Institute

  • Boundless Brilliance

    “Your course is like nothing I have ever experienced before. It’s like a healing of the higher purpose of business. Before I met Liselotte, my self-confidence was very low, and I felt exhausted and overwhelmed by everything I had to do in my business. When I heard Liselotte speaking at a networking event, I knew she would guide me to growth, both privately and professionally. What surprised me the most was the speed the change happened. Today I stand solid on firm ground, and my attitude has profoundly changed. Thank you for a fantastic Business With Passion course. It’s an investment I’ve made for life! ”


Boundless Brilliance

“I have hired Liselotte as a speaker at major events, participated in some of her entrepreneurial training and also in one-to-one personal development. Always the same warmth, professionalism, and many new insights. My warmest recommendations to Liselotte”

Your Financial PT

Boundless Brilliance

“Liselotte is an incredible mentor. She has helped me in my business to increase productivity, get really clear on what I want to accomplish & streamline my daily activities. I highly recommend her to anyone that is looking to grow their bottom line and increase their ROI whether in a corporate setting or your own business. ”

The Business Ignitor

Boundless Brilliance

““I didn't know what to expect but once I worked with Liselotte, I was a convert. In just one telephone session, she helped me to let go of some of my more pesky inner limitations, and I felt nurtured, challenged, supported, and loved along the way.””

Genius Catalyst | Super Coach