I Wonder Why I Wonder Why

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Let me ask you something. 


When was the last time you enjoyed not knowing something? 



In this age of instant access to information, it's very easy to lose our sense of wonder and curiosity. When I hang out with my grandchildren, I'm reminded how much wonder brings us joy. 

"I wonder if fish sleep."


"If dogs dream, what do they dream about?"


"How come the shells on the beach are empty?"


And, of course, the classic, "Where do babies come from?"


The more we learn…

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The Fifth Pillar: Choosing Power Over Comfort


Join us as we continue our series through the 6 Pillars of Performance:

  1. Holding your ground in leadership.
  2. Becoming wise and wealthy.
  3. Empowering your self-esteem.
  4. Amplifying your energetic antenna.
  5. Choosing power over comfort.
  6. Keeping your composure under pressure.

For more information, a workshop, and courses on these pillars, you can go to the programs page. 



Did you know we are only born with two fears? 

Yes, you read that right - we are only born with two fears. 

The …

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