Do you jump out of bed in the morning - yes, literally jump - because you are so excited to start your day?

And possibly even a little bit nervous about how big your dreams and goals are? No?

Then you’re in the right place.

If you are:

  • feeling stuck, that you’ve tried to accomplish a goal but can’t quite get there;
  • know there’s something more out there, but can’t define it;
  • aren’t satisfied with your current level of success…

Then it’s time. It's your time to have it all; as a leader of your life, as a business owner, as the magical
creative being you are... 

It’s your time!

Boundless Brilliance isn’t following someone else’s advice, someone
else’s journey, or someone else’s how-to.

It’s about going on a journey through your own culture, beliefs, and foundational experiences that have formed who you are now – and could be contributing to holding you back from who you can become.

If you want to do something that’s never been done before in your family, you must do something no one in your family has ever done.

Be Brave. Be Boundless. Be Brilliant.

Boundless Brilliance

“When I started to work with Liselotte, I'd been running my company for almost six years, and I was exhausted. I did everything myself, and the revenue was a low six-figure. I had many limiting beliefs that I constantly affirmed to be true. Everything from “Money is not important” to “I want to be free, and therefore I don’t need any help or don’t want to have any employees.”

Liselotte helps me feel courageous and safe. Only a couple of months into our collaboration I had taken on my first employee. I also outsourced the bookkeeping. I have since never again said that “money isn’t important.” This step was the start of a fantastic journey, for me personally and for my company.

Seven years later, I am living a fully balanced life and have the freedom of working only four days per week. The company is profitable, and we are turning multiple seven figures. We are five employees now. Thank you, Liselotte, for encouraging me to make big leaps in my development and growth. You have a unique ability to make me feel that everything is possible.”

CEO, Hälsoresurs AB

Boundless Brilliance

“I’m the owner of an Executive Search firm. We started in 2009, and after a couple of years, I lost the spark of joy in what I was doing. It became mundane, and I began to ponder what I would do with the rest of my life. Should I continue the same up to retirement, or should I do something completely different?
I have known Lollo since 2012 when I did my first education with her. Her holistic approach has always been fascinating to me, and at the beginning of 2018, I decided to hire her as my coach. At the time, I was just through a separation, my energy was bottom low, and I felt confused about my future.
During the years we’ve worked together, Lollo has helped me change my mindset entirely. I am fully aware that what I think and tell myself becomes my truth. She has helped me see opportunities instead of problems. She helped me to see that EVERYTHING is possible! Her being a tremendously wise and savvy businesswoman makes her the best companion a business owner can have.
My years with Lollo have given me a lot of energy on many different levels. Above all, I have grown and developed as a person, and I’ve found myself profoundly. As a coach, Lollo is genuinely interested in me as a person. She’s profoundly engaged and knowledgeable about my business. In combination with her wisdom about how everything is linked together, her business mind makes her exceptional. ”

CEO, Select Executive Search

Boundless Brilliance

“I had been looking for a business coach for several years before I met Liselotte, and so far not found somebody that I could relate to.
It was vital for me to find an executive attentive coach that could help me to outline my goals, handle fears, analyze my current situation as well as my possibilities and, above all, help me to make my business move forward.

I wanted someone who could give me guidance on how to achieve economic success in my business to find the balance in life that is so important.

Liselotte has helped me with all this and much more. She gives me insight into the possibilities that surround us all, and she has undoubtedly helped me to find
the right strategies for my business.
I warmly recommend her! ”

CEO, NW Production

For more than 25 years, Liselotte Molander has been working as a personal, business, and executive coach, helping people from all walks of life get more out of themselves, their lives, and their businesses.  

Among her clients are entrepreneurs, CEOs, artists, professionals, directors, creative people, small business owners, people in the financial world, people leading small and large teams and people who are committed to contributing to making this world a beautiful place to live in.

What they all have in common is a unique ability, something you have too; an ability to connect to a deeper part of the mind that allows an incredible creative potential to come forward and express itself in everything you do. They honor the artist within, their pioneering and visionary personalities, and their deep wish to be the leader they want to be inspired by.    

When you are in touch with those parts of yourself, you are brilliant, wise, powerful, and creatively engaged with life. You live and act from a place of full potential. You have joy in your eye, a heart filled with compassion, and a sense of expansive possibility in your mind.

Miracles happen in her coaching space. You make a deep and profound shift in awareness, you get out of your head, and you leap to be a full participating player in your own life into a world of infinite possibility.

Liselotte has profoundly sharpened her superpower to zoom in on the core of an issue. That means you can spend less time “working on your problems." Instead, you will get to the heart of the matter quickly and help you to bring forward your best self when it matters and lean back and recharge when you’re off.

 Working with Liselotte is for you if

  • You’re up to something big but can’t seem to get started or get going.
  • You lost your mojo, fear burnout, and your current pace feels overwhelming
  • You've come to a standstill in your career and wonder if all the hard work is worth it and what legacy you want to leave behind.

If you’d like to make real and lasting changes in a fraction of the time and with less struggle, pressure, and stress than you can imagine, find your voice and impact others at a whole different level, click the button below and explore different ways for us to work together.

Boundless Brilliance

“Lollo is a fantastic transformational business coach, combining universal wisdom with powerful business models to create growth and brilliance. I have repeatedly assigned Lollo during the last ten years for support in my quantum leaps both personal and in my business. The turnover and revenue in my business tripled in the first two years we worked together. I found and could afford the beautiful house I dreamt of. I have increased my power and upgraded my belief system and moved from destructive energy-consuming relationships to joy and grace both in my private life and in my business. Pure magic!”

CEO, Change leader

Boundless Brilliance

“I can recommend Lollo in all ways I can. The professional work she does to expand your view and connect it to your values and your mission in life. The result you get in your personal development will gain you in your personal life and your leadership, business, and career.”

CEO, Carpe Persona

Boundless Brilliance

“Liselotte helped me in several fundamental ways. First, helping me learn to navigate home life and work life so that I could give my best to both. Second, in challenging and supporting me to be brave and go for my current entrepreneurial chapter. She brings both savvy business skills as well as clear-eyed and valuable self-management skills which I not only use personally but also to mentor others. It was a great pleasure to work with Liselotte. ”

MCIOS, Country manager Agile One