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Why you should stop making New Year's Resolutions this 2021

When setting goals for a New Year we look back and draw on past experiences. While that's good learning, it doesn't serve you to your highest and best intention. Here's what to do instead... read more

4 Reasons You Should Resign Yourself to your Higher Consciousness to Become a Millionaire

Many people might think it's all about aligning yourself to positivity to start manifesting your dream to become a millionaire and all your other desires. It doesn't work that way... read more

How to quickly bounce back from a bad decision because you didn't listen to your intuition

There are times when we make choices in our business that can stab us in the back. Mistakes is business are common and, while I would say it's a normal thing to expect, there are situations when we could have avoided that fiasco entirely... read more

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