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Andrew Hughes  - CEO, Andrew Hughes

“I worked with Liselotte some months ago, specifically concerning the boom-bust cycle that many entrepreneurs and consultants experience. I'd always had the ability to make plenty of money, but it's a talent I had balanced with an equal ability to splurge while taking it easy for a month or three. I somehow needed financial pressure to focus on serving others through my work. As a result, I didn't have nearly the impact I wanted to have. I met Liselotte and had my INFINITE POTENTIALITY INTENSIVE with her.

Liselotte took me to some very unexpected places, and although we were connecting over Skype, it had an immediate physical impact on me. I felt some held beliefs were being drawn out of me, and some of those I didn't even know I had. The session was profound, and a whole range of small changes immediately began to occur, leading to a slew of additional insights and
changes over the following months.

Three months later, I am looking at the busiest year and the most vital flow of work I've ever had in my consulting business. Nothing has changed with my content, relationships, or desire to serve others and lift global consciousness, but there's been a significant shift in my attitude to my success and what comes with it. That small change has profoundly impacted how I approach my life's work and what the world reflects back to me. I'm so grateful that I've had the opportunity to work with Liselotte and am delighted to make this recommendation”

CEO, Andrew Hughes

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The most amazing with this method is that you get your subconscious mind to collaboratebe your ally and fully support you in what you want to do. If you want to make a difference in your life, I wholeheartedly recommend attending a course. Only one warning; have you met Liselotte once, you want to meet her again, and again, and again… when is her next course? 

Maria Appelquist, PhD 

"Being a success coach myself, I was hesitant to be coached, but once I worked with Liselotte, I was a convert. In just one telephone session, she helped me to let go of some of my more pesky inner limitations, and I felt nurtured, challenged, supported, and loved along the way."

Michael Neill, Success Coach 

"Despite years of different therapies, psychotherapy, and hypnosis, the trauma of a near-death experience was stuck with me. Liselotte released the trauma in our first session, and I am, still today after 5+ years, completely free from that trauma. I don't know how and what she did, just that I'm left with a calm and secure feeling of trust."  

Anette Maria Nilsson Pavlovic, Licenced Psychologist

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