You know there is more for you, but you are overwhelmed, stressed, and manage too many responsibilities that you can't imagine how to make that happen. Working harder, doing more, and adding additional hours to your schedule is impossible.

You know you have some deeply rooted beliefs about wealth and money and wealthy people in general. These patterns are getting in the way of your success, ease and desire to evolve beyond the current version of yourself and your business into becoming a multi-million self-actualised C.E.O. 



Hi, I'm Lollo Molander!

I'm an executive consultant and speaker that turns hustling entrepreneurs into self-actualised C.E.O.s that lead a multi-million team in six months.

For over 20 years I've been supporting leaders and their teams to take full responsibility for their life and goals and equip them with the right tools to achieve those outcomes in half the time and without burnout.

My Big Why and Motivation to
Do What I Do

I believe that today's leaders are ready to evolve their organisation into something extraordinary.

I believe that organisations are more open to creating conscious change than ever before.

These organisations can lead the way for improved company culture, employee engagement, productivity, creativity, and passion — and, ultimately, increased financial results.

I believe that all real change can only happen from the inside out.

I believe that self-actualised leaders will transform our world one leader at a time.

If this is what you believe to be true as well, I'd love to invite you to work with me either 1:1 or in a small mastermind of 6-8 people.

This is an offer for you as a service-based business owner who is doing well in your business and has worked hard for your multiple 6-figure yearly revenues. Still, you feel there are a higher calling and more prosperity for you in all areas, not just financially.

We work together for six months on the following:

  • Your capability and skills and the most pleasurable and fulfilling in all areas not just financially.
  • Resources in all areas of your life and where you have to let go of responsibilities and tasks.
  • Money and how to have it work for you instead of you working for money. We talk all things investment, business alignment and team building.
  • Time and how to free up more time for the things you genuinely love and nourish your soul.
  • Commitment and where you need to commit less and set firmer boundaries and where you need to commit more to yourself with love and compassion.
  • Survival and Thriving and how to instantly switch into presence and expand into the most aligned choice for you at any moment.

Here is a real-life scenario that many of my clients face when coming to me and the way we'll approach your shift to boundless brilliance and the million-dollar C.E.O. that is waiting inside of you to be unleashed. 

Note: The name of my client has been changed due to confidentiality. 

Meet my client Bridget 

Bridget joined my workshop for self-actualised leadership. She was insecure; she cried a lot, felt unhappy and wanted to break up from her relationship. Bridget was hustling with no satisfaction. She thought of closing her business and start a new where she would mentor women entrepreneurs.   

Bridget made some significant shifts during the workshop and decided to hire me as her coach and mentor.     

  1. We had our first Quantum Shift meeting. Bridget told me she didn't work for money; she worked because she liked it, and money was not relevant, she said. At the time, Bridget made 250K in her business and had done so for the past three years. She dreaded the thought of having people working with her as it would demand too much responsibility. All she cared for was freedom, of which she had very little.

Listening to Bridget and her story, I identified her many limiting beliefs around money, limited resources, and her illusion of scarcity. She had already, unconsciously, decided how much money as possible to make in her business; 250K. And that was what she was committed to making. Not more. Unconsciously she based the number on how much work was possible for her to handle on her own.      

The first thing we did to get her unstuck, was to clear out any resistance, obstacles, or
limitations that were standing in the way of her success.
We focused specifically on her beliefs about: 

=> Her capability and skills
=> Resources
=> Money
=> Time
=> Commitment
=> Survival and Thriving

We deeply examined every belief, energy they carried, and its implication on her life, self-confidence, business results, finances, and relationships. Most of her limiting beliefs were unconscious commitments and stories that weren't even hers. Many of them belonged to her parents and previous generations.   

Bridget was surprised that she held those beliefs as she had practised positive thinking and several manifestation techniques for a long time. She was petrified to think any negative thought, believing they would negatively affect her results. The work we did on her beliefs and illusions was an awakening for her.   

We replaced every limiting belief with a set of new, fresh, positive beliefs and thought-forms. In the Quantum Shift Session we retrain your mind, rewire your brain, build resilience and increase confidence, so you rapidly move past fear, anxiety and other forms of self-sabotage that arise when leaving your comfort zone and going for your dreams and aspirations    

Here is a brief description of what we do in that process:

F-Facing The Truth.  The process includes deep digging into beliefs buried in the subconscious mind. My digging process is both intuitive and factual and consists of a series of questions I ask. The subconscious mind is not logical; hence, the questions I ask are not either. Facing also means the client meets the situation as it is. We get out of the "story" the client is telling themselves (and the word) to be the truth. It may be hard to face for many; however, this first step is mind-blowing.     

A-Accepting What Is – Bridget tried to avoid this step. She is a conscious and aware person and didn't want to look at the story's negative side. She thought of herself being better than that. Coming into acceptance is essential as the body/mind/spirit-system stops fighting and defending a false reality and finally can relax. As it settles, it's opening to receive new information.   

C-Shift and Choose – Once Accepted, it is possible to shift awareness, beliefs, and reality with a new consciousness. It's possible to change the old that not is serving anymore, to new behaviour, emotions and habits. So did Bridget. She decided for a whole new set of beliefs that made her feel freer, more hopeful, more abundant.   

T-Take Aligned Action – With a new set of beliefs, renew and different intention and clear focus, we created a new business plan, including new resources and help. Bridget had to let go of her unwillingness to ask for help. Her new business plan was based on her unique brilliance and included two part-time employees with different skills and abilities. The new revenue goal was to double the revenue that year.      

Bridget felt scared but happy and engaged again.   

We examined the business and especially the part that Bridget said she wanted to get rid of. It was indeed time-consuming; on the other hand, there was vast growth potential. Bridget decided to think about different options before she closed it down.

  1. We then focused on clarifying the business's purpose and how it aligned with Bridget's life purpose. We described Purpose, Mission, Vision and Goal. We planned for her business expansion.

Bridget was happy because her work got a different meaning when we defined and clarified her mission and purpose. She felt deeply connected to her work and reached a deeper level of satisfaction when she could reap the results of her efforts.   

With specific mundane tasks gone, Bridget also felt more in flow with her days. We created a plan to care for her inner resources; body/mind/spirit/creativity/emotions. Bridget committed to her overall health and made a day plan that was easy to keep. She included physical exercise, healthy food, quiet time, playtime, reading uplifting books, no-news diet, meditation, time with friends, quality time with her partner and stepdaughter, and more. Every step of the plan was manageable and built of Bridget's unique brilliance, desire and willingness.   

The result was that Bridget shifted her state of being 180°; free, abundant, joyful, creative, loving, highly professional, in charge of her life and business for the first time for a long time.   

Bridget hired Sofia, who helped her structure the time-consuming part of the business and decided to keep the set up for another year.    

Today, only a few years later, Bridget is thriving in her business, working three days/week, has five employees and will land at multiple seven figures this year. She's happy, planning to downsize her active part even more, and has started the process of finding her dream beach house.   

Are you ready to step into the multi-million self-actualised C.E.O. version of you instead of the hustling 6-figure entrepreneur who does everything yourself all the time?

I want to invite you on a six-month journey

I'd love to help you step up as a self-actualised multi-million C.E.O. either 1:1 or in a small mastermind of 6-8 people. Here is what you'll receive during our six months together.

I will work with you on all different aspects of wealth; understanding the practical steps of career, business and/or financial success, exploring your attitudes, decisions and beliefs that may be holding you back, and finding your way to make a difference, to do what you're put on this planet to do. 

My coaching is deep, intense, and richly transformational.

The Quantum Shift Method will help you outsmart your brain and boost your innate power. My proprietary method has developed over time and has worked for hundreds of clients. It will help you overcome fear and outdated feelings, identify your blind spots and transform your limiting beliefs into a supportive, conscious and self-aware belief system.

You get 1:1 sessions, weekly assignments, weekly chat support to ask all your questions and get feedback, clarity and guidance for all your questions. I provide chunked down, step-by-step video training and small assignments to help you through the process. 

I will teach you how you can hire, help, and invest in a support system which allows you to stop the overwhelm, leaking your life-force and trying to manage it all on your own. You know by looking at your life that this won't get you to your next level. This way, you have more time to do what your soul is inclined to do instead of waste your time on something you're not passionate about.

You will also get access to all my online courses to help you every step of the way and explain how you can implement your right next step, so you never get overwhelmed or lost.

This opportunity is for you if you are:

  • Going from employed to self-employed, becoming your boss and permitting yourself to own and embody that new role fully.
  • Subconsciously believing that you can't make more money than your parents or generations before you let alone become the first self-made millionaire in your ancestral lineage to refusing to accept anything else but your wise and wealthy millionaire self.
  • No longer want to stay small and hidden because you are afraid to live and express your truth instead of reclaiming your space, reality and voice to earn millions with your work.
  • Longing for success and are tired of hustling, doing it all yourself and want to experience a level of freedom you know is there, somewhere, but you haven't reached it yet. 
  • Believing you are not allowed to succeed just because your loved ones are suffering or have lost their jobs during a pandemic to rising to the occasion and becoming the wealthy C.E.O. of your own company creating workplaces and jobs for so many people in need. 

So, if you want to become the self-actualised leader, you're destined to help change yourself, your relationships, and the lives of those around you for the better all while unleashing your multi-million-dollar self unapologetically, don't waste this chance!


Still doubting if this is for you?

You might be thinking that success is possible for everyone else but you. That it'll take years to become a self-actualised leader and connect to your millionaire self. Here's the thing—if you stick to the program and do the work, you will be feeling more empowered and present every single day.
Here are a few stories I want to share with you:

Hear Ingrid's Story:

Ingrid worked as a specialist in psychology, having a lucrative practice for ten years. Although successful at what she was doing, she felt tired and was always fighting up and against everything. Her romantic relationship was unsatisfying, and she was upset and angry with her partner most of the time.

We uncovered everything that was not working in her life, but something still unclear when it came to her willingness to become happy and fulfilled. She felt guilt for many things.

While exploring the topic of guilt, we found that the source of her guilt feeling came from a near-death experience where she almost drowned. She was the only survivor from the horrible accident. In all her educational pieces of psychology training, she had worked to release the near-death trauma but never succeeded.

We quickly and effectively disempowered the trauma and emotions connected with the guilt of surviving during our Quantum Shift Process. After a few more meetings where we focused on strategy, Ingrid sold her psychology practice and offered more martial arts classes. She also offers courses in personal development, working individually with women & cancer, living a much happier life and having a more satisfying career. The trauma and all memories connected are gone and have never come back.

Hear Thomas's Story:

Thomas, age 38, was successful as a network marketer with a substantial worldwide organisation. Although having many young attractive women around him, he never found the love deeply connected with his heart and soul.

In our Quantum Shift Process, we quickly discovered that his ideal partner not at all matched his thoughts about what kind of woman he would meet. He was also still attached to his past girlfriend, thinking that she was his ideal. One month after the session, Thomas met the woman he now is married to and within a year they had their first child. Their second child was just born.

They are currently running the business together, and they are passionately in love, happily married, living in 2 countries, a second child just born, and thriving in heart and soul and making 7-figures in the process.

Hear Emily's Story:

Emily is a recognised and successful artist. She came to me to work on her issue with always feeling small and inadequate. On her large official yearly project, the board members were men with significant financial impact and a group of business owners with a financial interest invested in the project.

She felt like a strange outsider as if she didn't belong; her specific yearly art piece was a huge tourist attraction and brought much money to the region, and the companies there.

We identified her blocks and what illusion was running her belief system, performed the Quantum shift process and re-aligned her with her bigger vision. 

The results? Her paintings increased in size, became more expressive and powerful, a week after our meeting she was fully booked for 1,5 year, her revenue increased, and she got way more paid for her yearly art event.

How much does the program cost?  

This offer's price is a low-four-figure monthly investment for the mastermind and a little bit more for V.I.P. coaching. The investment is small compared to you maximising your monthly income by working fewer hours per week, having a business that no longer requires 8 hours or more per day of your time to make money, and hiring the support system you need to stop being overwhelmed and frustrated. 


You'll see results such as      

  • clarity of next action,
  • clarity of whom to hire and whom to fire,
  • clarity of self-leadership to align with the ability to make changes in the team,
  • new structure regarding time planning and clear boundaries between work and leisure time
  • making big leaps and short cut the road to accomplishments
  • feeling energised and free while increasing the profits of your company without burnout. 


If you're interested in this offer, fill out the application form below. This information will be equally valuable for both of us in creating your coaching plan.    


Once you've filled it out, you'll hear from me within 48 hours to begin your inauguration process! I can't wait to hear about you, your vision, and your business!