What if you could get a CLEAR MIND and the
right decision-making MINDSET FOR SUCCESS, in just
a couple of minutes and LIVE LIFE from

In this stressful time of constant disruption, it is possible to experience clarity of mind, freed up creative capacity, and increased productivity for bigger and better results. It is possible to improve decision making and reduce stress levels without doing more or adding to your plate.

When people come to me for an INFINITE POTENTIALITY INTENSIVE, they are usually overworked, stressed, and their enjoyment of being alive decreases. Their relationships are not working as they desire, and they've lost their sense of direction or purpose. They are successful but their business has reached a standstill or is too overwhelming. Their inner stress-o-meter is above all possible measurements.

,It is usually all of the above or some version of it. And they know they have a much bigger capacity and that life has so much more to offer. They just seem not to be able to reach that juicy place.  

Hear about Andrew's experience of an INFINITE POTENTIALITY INTENSIVE:

Boundless Brilliance
Andrew Hughes  - CEO, Andrew Hughes

“I worked with Lollo some months ago, specifically concerning the boom-bust cycle that many entrepreneurs and consultants experience. I'd always had the ability to make plenty of money, but it's a talent I had balanced with an equal ability to splurge while taking it easy for a month or three. I somehow needed financial pressure to focus myself on serving others through my work. As a result, I didn't have nearly the impact I wanted to have. That's when I met Lollo and had my INFINITE POTENTIALITY INTENSIVE with her.

Lollo took me to some very unexpected places, and although we were connecting over Skype, it had an immediate physical impact on me. I had a feeling some held beliefs were being drawn out of me, and some of those I didn't even know I had. The session was profound, and a whole range of small changes immediately began to occur, leading to a slew of additional insights and
changes over the following months.

Three months later, I am looking at the busiest year and the most vital flow of work I've ever had in my consulting business. Nothing has changed with my content, relationships or desire to serve others and lift global consciousness, but there's been a significant shift in my attitude to my success and what comes with it. That small change has profoundly impacted how I approach my life's work and what the world reflects back to me. I'm so grateful that I've had the opportunity to work with Lollo and am delighted to make this recommendation”

CEO, Andrew Hughes

speak for themselves


Wealth & Business Successes 

  • From 200K to 4 millions in just 3 years 
  • Sold one business and started a new lucrative beauty business
  • Eliminated fear and other control issues and moved from employment to becoming a business owner   
  • Wealth illusions cleared, which resulted in divorce, the start of a new business and a new soul connected partner
  • Clearing a lifelong trauma of a near-death experience, she gave up a lucrative career, started her own business with much less stress and increased her quality of life.
  • Cleared guilt of having inherited a fortune and several real estate properties; formed a fund and created a legacy supporting young abused and violated women.    

    More Successes 

  • Cleared beliefs around relationships and ideal partner and found the love of his life
  • Cleared emotions from a broken relationship and could fully step up to the role of a successful global business owner. 
  • Cleared devastating emotions of loss of a loved one resulting in burnout and ill health, got her health back, and is now a successful business owner with a team of five. 


The most amazing with this method is that you get your subconscious mind to collaboratebe your ally and fully support you in what you want to do. If you want to make a difference in your life, I wholeheartedly recommend attending a course. Only one warning; have you met Lollo once, you want to meet her again, and again, and again… when is her next course? 

Maria Appelquist, PhD 

"Being a success coach myself, I was hesitant to be coached, but once I worked with Lollo, I was a convert. In just one telephone session, she helped me to let go of some of my more pesky inner limitations, and I felt nurtured, challenged, supported, and loved along the way."

Michael Neill, Success Coach 

"Despite years of different therapies, psychotherapy, and hypnosis, the trauma of a near-death experience was stuck with me. Lollo released the trauma in our first session, and I am, still today after 5+ years, completely free from that trauma. I don't know how and what she did, just that I'm left with a calm and secure feeling of trust."  

Anette Maria Nilsson Pavlovic, Licenced Psychologist

Here is everything you need to know about the

I get you "launched" or "unstuck" by clearing out any resistance, obstacles, or limitations that are standing in the way of your reaching stellar success.

We will look into all different aspects of your life, such as wealth and success, creativity, relationships, purpose and your overall life energy. We will go deep and wide to find what keeps you stuck. We will explore your beliefs, attitudes, decisions and other illusions that may be holding you back and find your way to make a difference
in your life and others.  

Our session may be like nothing you have experienced before. 
It is deep, intense, and richly transformational.

The INFINITE POTENTIALITY INTENSIVE will help you connect deeply with your innate wisdom, thoughts and personal power. My way of working has developed over time and has proven results for hundreds of clients. It will help you drop outdated feelings, become aware of  your blind spots and free up more creative capacity within you so
you can lead from a completely new place of happiness, freedom and joy.


  • Make you "work on yourself"
  • Lure you into some obscure manifestation techniques
  • Teach you the latest money-making trend
  • Give you an easy pain-free way to become a millionaire while you sleep
  • Give you short term a happy-go-lucky surface attitude  
  • Erase all your worries in one go

For many of us, just quickly ease stress or getting more money won't solve our problems. Living in stress and having money issues, in whatever way, is almost always accompanied by
more profound issues.

More money only adds more zeros at the end of financial difficulties without solving the underlying problem itself. 

  • Boundless Brilliance

    “After my first session with Lollo, I felt like a changed person. I felt present, calm & focused more than I had ever felt before. Lollo has helped me tremendously to analyse my inner fears & limitations, release my mental blocks, and explore myself and the possibilities around me”

    Simran Jindal 150x150
  • Boundless Brilliance

    “Lollo has this incredible intuition to see exactly where you are blocked and is then able to clear these past experiences from your life. She helped me pinpoint one of my biggest blockages in life, and straight after her unique brilliance cleared it, I was able to attract exactly what I was focusing on.”

    Guy Rowley



  • a clear mind so you can make quality decisions about business/relationships/money/investing quickly 
  • freed up energy from outdated thoughts and emotions that don't serve you anymore 
  • a reliable way to disempower illusions and upgrade your human system 
  • a life altering dialogue where you connect with your innate wisdom on a deep level 
  • a deep healing of traumatic experiences
  • principles that help you develop a healthy relationship with life that is both healing and life changing.
  • a journey that enables you to understand where you are, how you got there, how to change your  circumstances.
  • it addresses your internal needs and your external behaviours 
  • a fundamental shift in the way you understand and behave around success, money and relationships. 
  • It involves practical steps to stop managing yourself, ease stress and enjoy life more. 
Boundless Brilliance
Nina Widtskiöld - CEO, NW Productions

“I had been looking for a business coach for several years before I met Liselotte, and so far, I had not found somebody I could relate to.
It was vital for me to find an attentive executive coach that could help me outline my goals, handle fears, analyse my current situation and my possibilities and, above all, help me make my business move forward.
I wanted someone who could give me guidance on achieving economic success in my business to find the balance in life that is so important.
Liselotte has helped me with all this and much more. She gives me insight into the possibilities surrounding us all, and she has undoubtedly helped me find the right strategies in my business. I warmly recommend her! ”

CEO, NW Productions


  • Seasoned entrepreneurs who experience a standstill in their revenue
  • Small business owners worrying about covering their overhead
  • High achievers who want to perform at their highest level- generating  income and life satisfaction
  • Professionals with high ambition tired of letting their "not good enough emotions pop up
  • Entrepreneurs with pesky limiting beliefs that are stopping their business development
  • Creators wanting to break free from the Starving Artist archetype
  • For people from affluent backgrounds who may have mixed feelings about inheritance or trust fund, or who want to break away from dependence on family money
  • For young people starting on their career path and wanting to do it right
  • For people who choose a life voluntarily simply 
  • For the millions of people who have been forced into a lifestyle of involuntary simplicity 
  • Anyone who wants to live a life free from being stuck, limited and small.
  • Business owners struggling to find their value
Boundless Brilliance
Lena Nilsson  - Taffy

“Hi Lollo, I have now landed in Copenhagen after a highly turbulent flight over the Alpes. I felt a slight discomfort when we took off but no panic as I use to. It's an insane feeling. I could even look out the window when we landed instead of hyperventilating, frozen by fear, with closed eyes as I did before. Thank you!! This is worth so much to me; to no longer feel limited! Thank you, you wonderful being, for whatever you do. Big hug, Lena”


Boundless Brilliance
Emma Karp Lundström  - Artist, Emmas

“There are no short-cuts, and I don't believe that life subserves any "quick fix", however – already after three sessions with Lollo I ascertain that I suddenly have bookings, expositions and engagements for the coming two years, and this current year is now fully booked!"”

Artist, Emmas

Boundless Brilliance
Lisa Bolin  - Skönhetsinstitutet, Sweden

“Thank you; this was exactly what I needed. In seconds the heavy feeling I've felt for the past few days was gone. Before I felt exhausted, heavy, and unable to do anything, afterwards it was like I was surrounded by light, and cold streams of massive energy came into my body through my head. My eyes feel bigger and brighter now. I feel in charge. I'm ready. Lisa”

Skönhetsinstitutet, Sweden

What are the Benefits?

By practising the skills, you will learn in this process,  you will 

  • release shame and worry so you can devote your energies to the things that matter the most to you; family, friendships, creative endeavours, intellectual pursuits, spiritual practices or whatever interests provide enjoyment, fulfilment, and satisfaction. 
  • be the supreme choice-maker in your own life.  
  • identify, understand, and change the attitudes and beliefs that have led to your current distress – whether it's a recent problem or one that has plagued you for a lifetime
  • understand how "wealth mindfulness" can work for you, building your awareness and strengthening your financial health
  • learning how to pave your way out of deprivation 
  • create a liveable action plan that allows you to feel fulfilled while simultaneously meeting your goals
  • getting skills available to you to reach any financial goal. 
  • help you achieve greater levels of success and stability. 
  • help you create the life you want. 
  • become the designer of your own success as you define it.

This is what you can expect to happen when you book an INFINITE POTENTIALITY INTENSIVE


Once we've got you booked for your Potential Catalyst session, you will be granted access to my VIP Boundless Brilliance Resource web page. To prepare for your session, you will get profound assessment material to work through. When your assessment is completed and sent to me, we'll set you up for the INFINITE POTENTIALITY INTENSIVE.


We'll get you "launched" or "unstuck," by clearing out any resistance, obstacles, or limitations that are standing in the way of your reaching stellar success.

In the INFINITE POTENTIALITY INTENSIVE we'll focus on uncovering the root cause to your feeling stuck or limited. The session is intense and may shift your foundation for being. Your biggest block for your success may be swept away profoundly and sustainably.

In your INFINITE POTENTIALITY INTENSIVE we will release and change old negative beliefs, emotions, and traumas, that keep you stuck. We'll dig deep into your subconscious thought patterns and learned illusions, identify what's not serving you anymore, eliminate, unlearn and instead build a support system of positive, empowering beliefs and attitudes towards your life/business success.


You will connect with me Face to Face or on my dedicated Zoom conference line. Your session lasts for 90-120 minutes and will be recorded so you can go back and listen again. This ensures you to relax and you don't have to take any notes during the time we spend together. 

You won't waste any time on chit chat; I am not much for small talk. Instead, I will zoom in on your specific issue right away.  I have developed a unique ability to identify subconscious limiting beliefs and attitudes quickly, so expect to be surprised.

I will ask you a series of questions. Most likely, you will feel uncomfortable at some point during the session. Just know that the profound, rapid change is performed with much love and compassion. The more you let go of resistance, the better! You'll be pushed, lovingly, beyond your comfort zone. 

You will feel your energy shifting. You might feel like shivers are going through your body, cold or thirsty. It's recommended you have an extra sweater handy, and some water to drink.  Your mood might shift, as well. You may feel sudden sadness, happy feelings or anger. Just expect it; it will soon pass. 


Your reaction after the INFINITE POTENTIALITY INTENSIVE varies. You might feel clear, empty, energetic or just very tired. New thoughts might spin around, or you might feel like all thoughts are gone. Whatever you feel and experience, just know it's ok. It is only the energy and after waves and it will settle within 24-72 hours.

Some people prefer to lay down for a while, go for a walk in nature or journaling before they go back to their daily tasks. Do what feels best for you. We recommend to not do big partying or heavy drinking for at least 12-24 hours after the session.

You will experience a new way of viewing what before was so taxing. You'll probably feel, and you are, free from the previous issue. You feel spacious and liberated. 

New questions might arise, that's why we meet again, after 1-2 weeks, for your KINETIC CALIBRATION SESSION, to make sure you keep your vibration is high, your mind clear and your mood raised.


After 1-2 weeks, you will have a second session with me. The purpose of this session is to make sure no old feelings, emotions or attitudes still linger around and keep you stuck. We want your energy to be high, your energetic vibration is even higher, and your attraction ratio to be love or above.


The investment is small compared to you maximising your monthly income by working fewer hours per week, having a business that no longer requires 8 hours or more per day of your time to make the money you want, and hiring the support system you need to stop being overwhelmed and frustrated.

Instead, you easily 10x your current earnings while increasing happiness and joy.
This investment is currently $1555. 

You may wonder if you can afford it? To be honest, you can't afford not to. If there were such a thing as a quick fix, we would all be cured. I've dedicated my life to understanding the driving forces behind our behaviours. Surprisingly, what I've found is that only focusing on the behaviour itself does not solve the issue. The investment is worth it and you'll cut your time and investment in half, or more, compared with seeking traditional therapy or worse, hustle even more to reach your goals. 

In Case You Were Wondering Whether the INFINITE POTENTIALITY INTENSIVE  
Can Change Other Areas of Life

This is what my clients have reported as some side effects of us working together in a INFINITE POTENTIALITY INTENSIVE: 
  • Spiritually – They feel more awake and attuned to their personal source connection.  
  • Mentally - They have obtained a different level of clarity and turned chaos into order. They trust their intuitive power. 
  • Emotionally - Emotionally charged memories have been cleared out of their systems and they are open for deeper connection with others.
  • Physically - They also feel less stressed and have achieved a natural resilience so they can stay cool under pressure.  
  • Relationally - They report having more conscious and deeper communication with people, which helps to eliminate blame and resolve conflicts faster. 
  • Personally – They feel in charge of their lives. Feeling of guilt or shame are resolved and they are ready to lead themselves and others.   
  • Vocationally - They are clear about the next steps, what's important to them and are ready to move forward with wisdom and wise actions.  
  • Financially - Dysfunctional relationships with money has ended in favour of true wealth acceleration.
  • Creatively - Creativity has been sparked and they report having a lot of space for creative thinking and new projects.     

The INFINITE POTENTIALITY INTENSIVE will positively impact the function of the hypothalamus, amygdala, and limbic structures of the brain. 


About Liselotte Molander:

Liselotte Molander is not just a coach with strong intuition. She's creative, dynamic, and a highly experienced business professional who leads you to your inner self, authentic self and best self, in your everyday life. If you're ready – and willing – to go deeper than you have ever done before and beyond what you thought was possible – you've come to the right place.  She has an excellent understanding and long experience from organisational cultures, what blocks communication and innovation, and what is needed to bring people together for better results. 

30+ corporate years as an international business developer has taken her around the globe and offered amazing encounters with people in different cultures. Liselotte is a certified and accredited coach in several fields and disciplines: Master Career Coach, Big Leap Coach, Relationship Coach and Consultant, Business and Leadership coach, and more extended training and education programs in Neuroscience and brain entrainments.

Liselotte’s organisation offers integral development solutions for embracing and driving change, staying cool under pressure and solving problems faster.

I developed the INFINITE POTENTIALITY INTENSIVE for the purpose of supporting my clients with the following issues:
  • Staying cool under pressure
  • Releasing trauma and free up creative energy 
  • Building and strengthen resilience
  • Leading a life from presence, drama free
  • Bouncing back fast from disruptions
  • Staying emotionally solid 
  • Dissolving stress
  • Embracing change
  • Balancing emotional stress
  • Dissolving distractions and mind chatter
  • Reconciling and dissolving conflict
  • Dissolving stressed feelings and behaviours
  • Revitalising their relationships
  • Transforming worry, anxiety and guilt into healthy, productive actions
  • Igniting courage
  • Eliminate feelings of guilt and shame
  • Getting clarity of vision
  • Feeling more love and gratitude
  • Raising personal vibration and feelings of satisfaction 
  • Bringing more heart and soul into home and work.
  • Adding extraordinary 'sparkle' to their life.
  • Providing distinct leadership advantages
  • Linking body, mind, heart and soul together.
  • Eliminating feelings of blame and victimisation 
  • Connecting intuition and knowledge
  • Providing powerful shifts of consciousness
  • Increasing the quality of their life
  • Building confidence and attraction
  • Allowing deeper levels of love
  • Providing greater health
  • Igniting new creative insights and perspectives
  • Improving financial well-being
  • Developing high levels of self-worth
  • Inspiring deeper feelings of loving life.
  • Inviting intuitive inspiration
  • Disempowering blocked emotions
  • Boosting energy and vitality
  • Clearing mental blocks and distractions
  • Keeping them grounded and in harmony
  • Helping them build greater self-worth
  • Increasing mental effectiveness