The Fourth Pillar: Amplifying Your Energetic Antenna


Join us as we continue our series through the 6 Pillars of Performance:

  1. Holding your ground in leadership.
  2. Becoming wise and wealthy.
  3. Empowering your self-esteem.
  4. Amplifying your energetic antenna.
  5. Choosing power over comfort.
  6. Keeping your composure under pressure.

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Have you ever found yourself the victim of a sudden mood shift, and you can’t identify why?

You’re going through your day, and had a perfectly good morning, then had one conversation, then another, then another, and by the end of the day, you’re tired, cranky, and generally not in a good mood?

But if someone were to ask what was wrong, or what happened that day, you can’t answer?

You, my friend, were a victim of someone else’s energy. 

When you start trying to grow past your current level of success, you are going to have to use your Six Pillars to make a strong foundation. 

This means you understand your own personal positions, can make confident decisions, and hold your ground.

You have confronted your beliefs around wealth and success, and have formed your own definitions.

You are ferreting out old lies that impact your self-esteem. 

Now, you’re ready for the next part - amplifying your energetic antenna. The fact is, your intuition, about each person you encountered, was telling you something. Maybe it was an answer to the problem.

Maybe it was a cue to walk away. 

Maybe it was a feeling of dread before someone shared they received bad news. 

Our intuition is able to sense, process, and make more decisions than we allow it to do. There are thousands of stories of “near misses” that occurred because “something didn’t feel right.” 

These could be the person stepping back from the crosswalk moments before a car flies through the intersection, to a mom checking on a sleeping baby “because she had a feeling,” only to find the baby choking. 


Because your intuition is processing information faster than your conscious mind. As part of your amygdala, your instincts recognize things you may not be aware of - like the change in airflow indicating the oncoming car, or the absence of soft snores of a sleeping baby. 

Friend, there is no accident. 

Everything, every person you encounter, every seemingly innocuous decision you make - or don’t make- has a purpose and a reason. 

The more you understand and learn to trust your intuition, the more your energetic antenna will raise. You will be able to instinctually know how to approach a person, a conversation, or a meeting. 


Make a conscious decision to cue into your intuition. It's not just a feeling - it's a literal sixth sense we were given. 


Think of your intuition like a cat's whiskers. Did you know a cat's whiskers are typically the same width as the widest part of its body? That means they can literally stick their face into a gap, and know if the rest of their body will fit - or get stuck. 


Use your intuition like whiskers to decide if a situation or a conversation is the right "fit" for your person - who you are, your goals, dreams, desires. And then don't judge yourself for saying, "No" if it's necessary. 

Your inner self is like a muscle - the more you use it, the stronger it becomes.