The Saddest Mistakes Brilliant Entrepreneurs Make That Force Them To Hustle Harder For Their Success


My clients don't come to me because they want to make more money. They seek my help as they dream of a fulfilled life in all areas, a successful business where their brilliance does good to their clients and humanity at large. Making more money, such as my client Anna going from €200K to € 3.5 mil in five short years, is just a side effect of our work.

Striving for success is a natural state of being for an entrepreneur. Most entrepreneurs put in more work, longer hours, less free time and money worries as they strive for success, often resulting in overwork, crashed relationships and fatigue.  

However, only meditating, creating vision boards, and dreaming big will not bring the much-longed-for success either. A different attitude and new behaviours are required for that massive success to happen.

Being successful in business means levelling up.

Brilliant entrepreneurs break through to the next version of themselves as that is a must for becoming successful.

Settling at the success level, they're at is not what they desire. That often comes at a massive cost of the entrepreneurial soul and life force.   

Here's the hard truth: Breaking through to the next version of you isn't sweet, nice or lovely. It is hard, ugly and scary.


Here are three of the saddest mistakes I see brilliant entrepreneurs make, that stop them from growing, instead of sabotaging the work they've been doing to create the business success they're capable of:

  1. Blaming someone else for the feeling of unease and discomfort as a sign of "it's not right" when they are just about to break through to the next level of brilliance. They blame the circumstance, their feelings, bad vibes, their coach… So, they choose to stay in their comfort, although it doesn't look like comfort due to the intense negative feeling caused by somebody else or something outside of them. Instead of looking deeper into the discomfort, they chose to stay at the level they're at. Of course, that's fine if they're happy with their current level of success, however, in my experience that rarely is the case for a brilliant, evolving entrepreneurial mind and soul. 

The "this doesn't feel good"-feeling is just the subconscious mind trying to protect them from getting outside the comfort of habitual behaviour. It is its job; to keep us safe. And safety does not enhance growth.  

  1. Blaming themselves for not being ready, they scatter their focus and energy instead of bringing forward their brilliant ideas. The creative and brilliant entrepreneurial mind is excellent with coming up with new ideas. Unfortunately, the brilliant mind is also creating brilliant excuses: another way of sabotaging success.  The mind is sabotaging the success to lure the entrepreneur into believing that they are not good enough. They believe they need something more, so they focus their effort on something else; a new course, a new program, a new business endeavour… This scattered behaviour weakens their life force, enjoyment and satisfaction. It destroys the ability to long term wealth accumulation. 

Changing focus and giving up a business idea is not a sabotage per se.  There are times when shifting effort and focus is necessary. Creativity is one of the key elements to becoming fully alive. Being a creative entrepreneur with a pioneering mind means creating something out of nothing; creating something that didn't exist before. That comes with a huge responsibility but also massive enjoyment. Honour your gifts and learn to lead yourself through the temptation of distraction and your success is guaranteed.

  1. Blaming the money invested in their coaching/mentoring is too expensive, even if it's less than 1% of their business growth. Breaking through is a tough job. It is hard to do on their own. Even if they're hard on themselves, they are hard for the wrong reasons. It's easy to judge oneself and push harder and harder for a breakthrough. Every successful entrepreneur knows what it means to put in hard work, hustle and sleepless hours to their job. What they miss is crushing their blind spots, their limiting beliefs and illusions; all that is keeping them stuck in the rut of hustling.  They simply don't see what's beyond the ordinary hurdles and need help to get unstuck.

Instead of going more in-depth with integrity when they come up against their next level breakthrough, they suddenly break agreements, stop paying their bills, argue they don't see any change or come up with a lame excuse that the coaching is too costly… In my experience that happens independently if the fee is a few hundred €€ or a few thousand €€, which tells me that it is not the sum itself that is the problem.

Sabotaging success by not investing in a highly skilled and experienced coach or mentor is one of the saddest mistakes I see brilliant entrepreneurs make.

Many women entrepreneurs chose coaches that make them feel good. As a brilliant woman business owner, you don't need confirmation that you're worthy of success.  You know already that success has nothing to do with your worthiness.  

You need someone who has done the nasty job themselves, who dare to stand solid by your side, and can help you break through your blind spots to prosper, both as a person and as a CEO of a multi-million business.

If this is you, and you are looking for a mentor with a track record of successfully helping her clients to make giant leaps in their career and business while up-levelling to millionaire status, getting married and being happy in the process...

Decide it's time for you now and reach out to me to see if we are a fit to work together in either a one-off  session or six months of private mentorship.