5 Effective Habits that can Help You Break Out of Your Comfort Zone


Why would you want to break out of your comfort zone? When you are doing things familiar to you, you do not have to think about consequences and struggles too much. It is easy and less risky to be in that state.

However, if you keep doing simple to accomplish things, how can you expect to achieve your extraordinary goals?

As entrepreneurs, we aim to become wise and wealthy, and the only thing that keeps us from achieving that is ourselves. We are afraid of taking risks because we might experience rejection. We fear heavy choices because it might lead to our company or career failing.

And while all of those are true, staying in your comfort zone also keeps you away from a life of productivity, creativity, passion, and increased financial results. Ask yourself—is this my limit? Am I not capable of building myself a better life full of motivation?

Let's talk about five habits that can help you break out of your comfort zone without overwhelming you with difficult tasks or challenges.

Learn more about why you are in your comfort zone in the first place.

We all have our fears when it comes to learning and doing new things. We tend to stay in our comfort zones when we are afraid of something. Resistance sometimes is rejection, other times failure. It varies from person to person, but one thing is for sure, each of us has our reason.

Be curious, investigate and learn more about what exactly is holding you back from achieving your goals. Ask people you trust and get their opinion about the matter. Another way is to meditate and look back at when you started shying away from big decisions.

Think back on your most outstanding achievements.

To get you out of your comfort zone, reflect on what you already achieved in the past. Then decide how much more you can reach if you act towards your goals.

You accomplished certain feats already because you, maybe unconsciously, chose to face your fears and tried out something you never did before. Think about it; during that time; you did not know whether you would succeed or fail. Use that experience and project it to your present.

Always pour these thoughts in you every day until you can confidently say that you are ready to face your next challenge despite the results. You will never know what you are capable of if you never try.

Find a reason to do it.

Reason gives us the courage to deal with whatever obstacle we might face in life. If you feel sick, you find a reason to go out and buy medicine. If you live a lifestyle you do not like; you find a reason to change it and earn more.

Look at your current situation, right now, and think. What would you get if you took the risk to build the business you were always passionate about?

Do something new every day, even if it is small.

Your urge to keep doing what you have always been comfortable with protects you whenever you face something new. Your mind and body send warning signals that you should stay away from whatever that is not known and familiar.  

That is a natural response: an instinct built in your subconscious mind. If you act on our instincts alone, will you ever reach what you genuinely desire?

Fight the urge to rest in the comfort zone and do something you have not done before. Even if it is small, the mindset change frees you a little bit every time you do it.

Rephrase the meaning of "difficult".

We grow older, and the world is changing rapidly every day, and things are becoming increasingly available with a click of a button. What once was "difficult" could be easier now because of the available online information.

For example, if you always wanted to reach many people with your teaching, uploading videos online is easier than ever. If you were afraid of learning the technicalities involved, nowadays you might not even need to.

Information and technology are always evolving, and we should grow ourselves too. This way, we get to live the boundless brilliance that is hiding inside of us.

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