4 Ways How You Can Build a Strong Motivation for Yourself


I believe that today's leaders are ready to evolve their organisation into something extraordinary.

I believe that organisations are more open to creating conscious change than ever before.

These organisations can lead the way for improved company culture, employee engagement, productivity, creativity, and passion — and increased financial results.

I believe that all real change can only happen from the inside out.

I believe that self-actualised leaders will transform our world one leader at a time.

But there is much doubt going on inside us that we cannot bring out the brilliance hiding through all the fog. We are so focused on the problems we have in our lives that we doubt ourselves immediately when things go wrong.

Let's talk about building a strong motivation for yourself—an inspiration that will get you through any challenges you face and the motivation to become a leader with boundless potential that can change your industry for the better.

Choose goals that you find interesting.

The first and most straightforward thing you can do to motivate yourself is to choose goals that you find interesting before anything else. If you work on something you are already passionate about, every small success feels like a reward.

Whether that is a monetary reward or something that goes beyond material value, you still get something out of it and subconsciously, it makes you feel better when reaching for that goal.

But if that is not possible for you

Find the things that do interest you regardless of your situation.

Many times, we cannot precisely choose where we work or what career path we're on. Even the businesses we create are unique, but some aspects bind us to an extent. So, what do you do instead?

If you cannot change the circumstance, change your perspective of it. For example, if you're not good at sales, at least you will get the opportunity to learn how to sell better. Or suppose you are not an exceptionally good communicator. In that case, you could tell yourself: "I am not fabulous at communicating with others, but I am learning, and it's going to help me meet new people, and that's something I like.

Hold yourself accountable.

The problem with goals is that sometimes, we get tired or lazy and tend to forget them. Still, we try to bring back the motivation in ourselves to move forward and improve, right?

An excellent way to motivate yourself is to let others know about your goals. With more people knowing about what you're up to, it helps to hold yourself accountable; you can't simply stop and take it easy. While it seems forced, building a strong motivation for yourself also means you have to nudge yourself out of your comfort zone.

Plus, you reap a greater feeling of satisfaction every time you complete any of the goals you declare as other people are aware of your progress too.

You do not have to do it alone.

Building motivation for yourself can be a challenging task in the first place. However, you do not have to do it alone. Find a mentor you trust who can show you a new way you have not tried out yet. Join a class or read a book even. There are many ways you can try out to lead a life full of motivation, but it is up to you to take the first step.

Deep inside, you know there is more for you. You just have to find it. 

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