Why Tapping into Your Highest Consciousness Leads to Your Millionaire Self


It's not uncommon to feel like there's more you can do in your company. Every time you're working or hustling, you think that there's something more you're meant to be doing every time you hit short of your goals. Instead of hustling more, I'd like to invite you into your highest consciousness. That's what leads you to your millionaire self.

Most business owners feel like they don't live up to their full potential. But what we don't realise is that we already have the answers inside of us. These answers are simply waiting to be understood. Our millionaire self is already inside of us—pre-programmed in our DNA and is waiting to be discovered, and the only way for us to wake up and see this is to start tapping into our highest consciousness. 

Knowing yourself leads to clarity, and this clearly shows you what you're meant to do to create a more significant impact. It's different for everyone. However, there are several ways for you to start connecting to this highest self that is hidden deep within you. That's another story to tell for now, but today, I'd like to talk to you about why tapping into your highest consciousness leads to your millionaire self. 

You free yourself from distractions when up-levelling into your millionaire self. 

Distractions come in different forms as soon as you decide to up-level your life and business. Peers, entertainment, problems, and even some things you're interested in will tempt you to pay attention elsewhere. These are the ordinary distractions that steer you away from living aligned with your best self, which is needed to become the millionaire version of you. Distractions aren't necessarily bad for you; however, it might cost you your success if you cannot manage them. 

Imagine that you're at home thinking of your next big idea. You're brainstorming ideas on ways to set up additional passive 7-figure revenue streams without having to hustle. It would give you more time to relax, do what you love, and spend time with your family. However, when you start focusing on your project, a friend phones you and invites you to join them at a party. On the one hand, they are your friends, and it might be offensive to them to say no. On the other hand, your future is at stake, and your million-dollar idea might pass you by if you skip it today. 

These are the kinds of ordinary distractions you face regularly. They keep you away from your highest consciousness. Freeing yourself from them might seem difficult at first but focusing on your goals and prioritising what matters to you will help you to act from your millionaire self rather than the version of you that is pleasing everyone else. 

You attract the people who matter. 

When you're in tune with your highest and wisest self, you feel confident, grateful, and people look at you differently. They feel your energy, which subconsciously helps them reciprocate the abundant energy. You're able to attract people who appreciate the positivity you are emitting, which leads to better interactions with more aligned people who will connect you to the kind of clients and projects you want to take on. 

These might be your soul mate clients, other entrepreneurs who can help you lead your business to more success, or maybe somebody who will inspire you and give you the motivation you need to connect to your highest self.

Passion leads your life. 

Have you ever heard of the saying, "If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life"? It's very accurate, especially if you've tapped into your wisest self. There's clarity and passion when you're connected to your highest consciousness. 

There's no doubt when you decide whether it's for your career, business, or relationships. You are leading your life with passion and positivity. 

Rejection doesn't affect you as much anymore. 

We are social beings by nature, and when others reject us, we feel like we don't belong. However, it's also true that everyone is different in their way, and not everybody agrees with our ideals and goals. 

As mentioned above, tapping into your highest consciousness allows you to be clear on what you want. Follow your dreams and passion unapologetically, and you're less affected by what others think of you or whether they approve of your big aspirations. Rejection doesn't affect you as much, and you're able to move forward without having to feel wrong about pursuing a freedom-based lifestyle for you and your family.

You feel closer to your Millionaire version of yourself. 

Being aligned with your passion and your goals moves you closer to the wise and wealthy version of yourself. You're able to make confident decisions, without having to consult others. While there are many more wealth blockers stopping you from becoming a millionaire, being in tune with your highest and wisest self gives you the vision that you need to succeed in your industry and create a multi-million empire.

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