How to quickly bounce back from a bad decision because you didn't listen to your intuition

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There are times when we make choices in our business that can stab us in the back. Mistakes is business are common and, while I would say it's a normal thing to expect, there are situations when we could have avoided that fiasco entirely.

If it already happened and there's nothing you can do about it, accepting the reality is crucial if you want to continue building your company stronger. That's what we'll be talking about today.

It's not a lecture because you didn't listen to your intuition. The topics are ways on how to quickly bounce back from a bad decision to continue scaling your business and building a better foundation by making the best out of that failed choice.

You only fail if you quit.

Have you ever started a project for your company that went well until the final stretch goal? And then the project didn't go as planned. You still believe that it's viable, but because it didn't work out the first time, you decided to stop funding that project and moving on to the next.

While "moving on" and accepting things as they are is one of this post's themes, quitting is a different story. When you leave on something, it's not about accepting what happened or that you are efficient with your time—it's giving up.

You only fail if you quit something you started, especially if you believe in that "something". You have a brilliant mind, and your company only started because you have great ideas and a creative outlook on certain things.

Don't underestimate it by quitting halfway through your projects. Often, you feel like giving up right before a breakthrough. Don't quit 5 miles before the finish line.

Nobody's perfect.

As mentioned earlier, everyone makes mistakes and it's a common thing when you're starting in business. But it's important to realise that we cannot grow and improve if we don't make mistakes.

Business is different for each one of us. No company has the same strategy as the other. There can be similarities, but one strategy doesn't work for another. We have different audiences, and different ways of communicating with them. That's what makes us unique in our way—our flaws. And by accepting these very flaws, we're able to see where and what we need to improve on to rise against our competition.

Let go of other people's opinion of you.

Your way of doing things has been working for you. When your competition starts talking negatively about your company, don't lose your edge and start overthinking things.

The key is to stop worrying about how other people look at you. You are your own person, and you have your way of doing things. There are no set rules for making things work. Yes, there are guidelines; but even if you follow your mentor's instructions to the letter, things won't work the way they worked for your mentor.

Others' opinions can influence you. And we are all emotional beings, so getting offended at times or affected by what they're saying can become a significant obstacle to overcome. Still, you always have to keep in mind that they're not the ones in charge of your business… YOU are.

Find somebody who believes in you.

A way to overcome mistakes and continue to grow is to find somebody who believes in you; someone who can help you turn all that negativity into a learning experience. It can be a friend, someone close to you, a community, or even a coach who can guide you to growth. 

Being a leader has never been an easy job, and no matter what, it's never going to be comfortable. To improve and get psychological momentum, we must celebrate the progress just as much as the results.

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