4 Reasons You Should Resign Yourself to your Higher Consciousness to Become a Millionaire

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What do you know about your higher consciousness? About your highest self? Many people might think it's all about aligning yourself to positivity to start manifesting your dream to become a millionaire and all your other desires.

The thing is life doesn't work that way. No matter how much you meditate or send your "vibrations" through to the universe, nobody will answer, unfortunately. But that's not to say it can't help you.

Having a positive outlook, in general, is excellent, and this contributes to awakening your higher consciousness. Still, nothing will happen without doing your part of the job and taking consistent action as a newer version of you. 

For context, this isn't a religion, nor is it just another motivational talk that you forget after a few days. Today, we'll be talking about four reasons you should resign yourself to your higher consciousness, how to identify it in the first place, and how this can contribute to your success, not just in wealth but also in your lifestyle.

You're open to growth.

When you align with your higher self, working feels excellent. I'm not just saying that to make it sound good. 

Was there ever a time when doing a particular thing felt right? And when you did it, whether it's all about your career, your relationship, or something you did on a whim, you felt satisfied. That's a clear sign that you're aligned with what happened. We are emotional beings, and most of the things we do and feel origins from our emotions. The only thing stopping us is logic—when we overthink things; when we consider what other people think about us.

Remember that you lose your potential to grow as the person you're meant to be when you stop doing the things you feel passionately aligned with. And whom you're meant to be is your highest self. It not only helps you live following whom you want to be; it also gives you the creative freedom to live your life how you're meant to live it - as the millionaire version. 

If it's about your career though, it doesn't mean you outright stop what you're doing and find another job. Instead, find a way to incorporate your passion with what you're already doing.

You're more productive that way.

Not only are you motivated to go about your day, but you're also at your most productive when you're doing what you feel is right for you. Doing what you love engages you far more than doing something you're already opposed to. 

Have you ever heard the phrase, choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life? It's genuine, especially if you're trying to resign yourself to your highest consciousness.

And because you're already doing what your highest consciousness is telling you to do; your work, goals, and daily life won't feel like a chore for you anymore.

You feel more fulfilled when you're passionate about what you're doing.

When you're aligned with what you are doing, you feel more fulfilled when you complete a task, hit your goal, or even do the work itself.

You feel that you're working towards something you're passionate about, and it's something that matters to you personally. You're always motivated, and there's a feeling of inner peace in your life.

Pushing yourself to succeed becomes natural, and when you're at a state where you're already accepting your highest consciousness, you're always ready to grow and challenge yourself to do more.

It affects the way you lead other people.

When you know who you are at your highest consciousness, the way you lead others becomes second nature. Because you know yourself, you're able to guide other people who are aligned with you better. You're able to show them a way that helps them improve themselves the way you improved. You have confidence because doubt doesn't exist in you anymore.

But opening yourself up to your highest self isn't a weekend exercise. However, there is a way to learn it faster and easier.

How? From someone who knows the ins and outs of their highest self. Ask yourself — What would the possibilities in my life be, if I aligned with my highest self?  

A by-product to align yourself with your highest self is that you naturally step into the millionaire version of you. I urge you to join the Wealthy and Wise Workshop if you want to achieve this in 2021.

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