What is the Extent of Your Goals and Dreams?


Every year, around the time of my birthday, I set aside alone time and refresh and reconnect with my inner wisdom. I do this to refine my vision, my goals, my dreams, and create an action plan that aligns well with my overall Life Purpose.

Much time, I talk about aligning yourself with your work—I'm convinced that that's the only way to lead a successful life of self-actualised leadership while staying true to yourself and enjoying the lifestyle you have at the same time.

But there are times when we're satisfied with our small goals and gains in our business, and we tend to start becoming stagnant when we reach that point. The question is if that's where you're aligned, is it the right thing to do or the right attitude to have if you're trying to grow a business?

Challenge yourself to grow every day.

As I challenge myself to grow, I ask myself a whole series of questions investigating limiting, subconscious beliefs and what's in the way for me to reach my goals. Almost every time I make quantum leaps in consciousness, my mind shifts to support a more expanded version of my goals, dreams and enjoyment. 

A few questions you might ask yourself to help you get started on a soul–searching journey with yourself are: 

Looking back, what was the situation in my business, at this time, last year? What has changed? Am I happy with the change? What did I hope to see?

It's crucial to look back to where you came from especially when you start feeling that you're stuck, you feel like you're not doing well in your career or business, or that you just feel ungrateful.

We look back to our past situations to see our progress. When you started your business, have you already been getting those 25k or 50k deals with the high-profile clients you have now?

Or maybe, were you as inclined to succeed in what you're doing right now compared to how it was a few years back?

There's always something to be grateful for and thankful for, and by recognising these things, it brings us to a state where we want to achieve more. And in that way, we start challenging ourselves to do more with a straightforward question that we often hear at the back of our minds.

"How much further can I go?"

Am I living on Purpose?

Your Life Purpose is what you're looking to pursue in life. It's why you're so motivated to move forward and work harder each day to reach your goals.

Asking yourself each time, "Am I living my Purpose?" is a way to authenticate what you're doing to yourself. It's a way to connect to our inner and highest selves. "Is this what I'm supposed to be doing?"

We don't need to change the world—what we're looking for is the answer to the question, what are we supposed to do? Without this, we're not motivated to move on, and that's the point when you are stagnant, and you're not motivated.

What am I doing, daily to cultivate my Life Purpose? 

This is where our actions take place. When you know your purpose, you don't just keep it on a dream board or your desk and wish for it to happen. It doesn't work that way. Nothing magically happens if you don't make it happen yourself.

Even if you're passionate about something, that doesn't mean the world gives it to you without any action.

By doing things to achieve your goals; by challenging yourself to grow into the person, you're supposed to become—that's the key to reach your Life Purpose. To be able to achieve the mission, you set yourself to finish. To reach the goals and dreams you've always wanted to get.