Being Competitive in Business

I double dare you to be more confident

It’s no surprise that when we start hitting more significant milestones in our business ventures, we start looking at our competition and become a little bit more aggressive than usual. We try to find ways to surpass our competitors, we research them thoroughly to find their weak points, and in the process, we tend to waste more time on less relevant things because of our ego.

Being competitive isn’t the problem, in any case. The problem is that we get blinded, and we start wasting precious time on trivial things that would only satisfy ourselves without any other gain for the business.

For all you know, the competition isn’t looking at your efforts and just minding their own business. Meaning your competitiveness was only a one-sided detour.

But like I just said, being competitive by itself isn’t bad and it even promotes growth. And today, I’ll be talking about an excellent way to be competitive while getting some significant improvements in your company.


You don’t need a competitor. It can be yourself.

When we talk about competition, we always immediately think that there has to be somebody on the other side of it. We believe that we ever need a rival to improve our business, but that’s not the case here.

There’s one exciting and creative way to be competitive without having someone to look out for, and that’s by competing with yourself.

It sounds pretty basic, but it’s advantageous. Think of it as competing with your past self—if you’re currently earning 10k per month, push yourself and find ways to start making 15k per month. Then when you hit that version of yourself, push yourself to start earning 20k per month, then 25, then 30, and so on.

In this case, you’re still competing, but the only one you’re looking out for is yourself.


Remember that there’s always a process when improving.

There are times when we keep thinking we want to start earning big money right away, so we get impatient and start spending on different services that won’t work on your business.

You end up wasting money and resources, you waste your time and effort, and most of all, it gets difficult to pick yourself back up again because different people mess with your business and flow—that’s not what we want as entrepreneurs.

Always remember that everything has a proper process, and if we follow it, things work out the way they should. You can’t start from one and go all the way to ten on day one.