3 Guaranteed Ways to Stop Losing Your Focus


Whether it's for work, our business, personal lives, or even just casual conversations with people we know — there seem to be times when we suddenly lose focus for no reason at all. Or so we think. Today, we'll talk about three guaranteed ways to stop losing your focus. It is perfect for finishing goals that you've set, building good habits to follow, and overall improving your lifestyle.

One might think that having "focus" isn't all that important when it comes to business; however, that's one of the biggest mistakes you could make, especially today because everything comes and goes so fast now that everybody has a shorter attention span than ever!

According to various studies and research, today's average attention span is only at around 8 seconds. You might not have known it until now, but this can affect your sales, the way you work, the way you accomplish your goals and even affect how you treat your people.

Let's fix that.

While that's on a smaller scale, it still affects how we focus on what we want. If you want more significant profits, more engagements, or better ideas for your business, you might want to read on.

#1. Stop making too many long term goals.

We quickly lose focus or stop being creative in our business because we lose interest in working out what we need to do. After all, there's just so much to do in the first place.

Having goals and milestones are good because you're holding yourself accountable for your business, but too many are wrong.

In a business setting, there are so many things that can distract you from your goals. These can easily influence you to start overthinking things and, in the end, altering your course entirely.

We don't want that.

To protect yourself from unwanted influences around you, instead of having long term goals in mind (or on paper), shift to short term monthly or bi-monthly goals that you can easily hit.

This way, it's easy for you to see progress in your business.

It immediately helps you feel good, especially when you hit these small milestones.

One easy trick is — instead of creating a goal to hit $1 million this year, cut it up. Make it a $100K month instead. On the surface, it seems pointless and silly, but the psychological effect of it works wonders.

Not only does it look more realistic to you subconsciously, but it's also easier to hit if you keep working on it. 

#2. Detach yourself from the end-goal and focus on "doing".

Another huge factor that affects our focus is being overly attached to the goal itself. We're so fixated in completing everything as planned that we start to burn ourselves out and lose interest in the project.

We lose focus this way, but not only that, we lose the whole project.

It happens too often in our generation today because many entrepreneurs nowadays want instant results and quick money. The problem with that is, it never works out. 

So stop thinking about the "end-goal" and shift your thinking instead.

One key factor in losing focus on your goals is when you start thinking it's getting too hard for you. Like I mentioned in the first strategy, you can make the goal smaller and more straightforward. But another way to avoid losing focus is to be grateful.

Be grateful whenever you get a new client, a new sale, a new follower, whatever comes your way. Remember that we are magnets, and we attract what we are. So if you are grateful for small achievements, guess what? You're going to get more small triumphs, and this piles up over time.

#3. Stop relying on external validations

A huge external factor that makes us lose focus is when we feel like we're not achieving anything at all. When we don't get any praise or recognition for our efforts, we tend to lose interest and give up.

It's not new; however, it's something that you need to change to start goal-getting!

The big question here is — does it matter what they say or don't say?

If you earned $10K for this month and no one recognizes that, does it matter?

Think about it for a second. 

=> Why did you work hard this week or this month?

=> Why do you always push yourself to your limits regarding your business or something you love doing?

=> Is it for them? Or rather, are they the ones benefiting from it?

If you're doing something you love doing (in this case, your business), you do it because you love doing it, and nothing that anyone else says can change that. And that's all right!

It's not like you don't care at all, but it's more like you're doing it for you.

Start doing this, and you'll see many changes in your mood, happiness overall, and the way you focus on your goal.

Where do I go from here?

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