Hi, I'm Lollo Molander

For over 20 years, I’ve supported both leaders and their teams in taking full ownership for their lives, goals, and both personal and professional performance. 

My approach as a coach and mentor is unique. I believe the answers you need are already inside you, locked down by your past experiences, how your own personal culture has been created, and beliefs that are not going to allow you to progress into your future self. 

My Big Why and Motivation to Do What I Do

I believe in equipping today’s leaders to evolve their organization from good to excellent.

I believe organizations are creating space for conscious growth, in their corporate culture and their communities. 

I believe leaders who are empowered to embrace their unique and boundless brilliance will lead the way for improved corporate culture, employee engagement, fearless creativity, and mission-focused passion - which leads, inevitably, to increased financial outcomes. 

I believe that all true change can only happen from the inside out.


I believe the leaders who transform their potential energy into kinetic action in life and business can, do, and will continue to
transform our world.

The executives and entrepreneurs I coach want to become the ultimate version of themselves, the one that is capable of surpassing every milestone imaginable, and live a life more abundant than anything previously achieved4 in their family history.

And friend, that is what I want for you.   

Who do I serve?

The typical clients I serve are:

  • Already successful and driven in their personal and professional lives.
  • Are not fulfilled with their current situation - whether it’s not earning their worth, not having the time to achieve other goals, or moving into a new area in their careers. 
  • Are challenged or daunted by the thought of doing something that has never been done before in their family - like starting their own company, creating or leaving behind generational wealth, and more. 
  • Want to create and leave a dynastic legacy for their family and friends. 
  • Want to finetune their internal compass and move past the examples and beliefs formed during childhood and throughout their lives
  • Want to live a life of intention, purpose, and presence

The path to achieving individual results is, by nature, unique. For past clients, this has included:

  • From overcoming limiting beliefs to closing 6 figures in new contracts in one month.
  • From scaling up an exhausting hustle that was making 6-figures, to heading a multimillion dollar team
  • From being ashamed about inheriting 8-figures worth in real estate, to owning and creating a legacy for future generations.


It's never about working harder, spending more time at the office
sacrificing their health in the process.

It's about understanding who you are - 
what formed your past, what is creating your present and,
how you want to transform your future. 

Here's the story behind my signature
program, infinite Potential Catalyst.

As professionals, we’re used to hearing potential be thrown around as describing what someone is capable of achieving if we just know how and do it right. But I take a more scientific approach. 

I view your potential literally, as in your own unique potential energy.

The energy capable of exploding into motion, becoming kinetic action. You don't just want a forward motion in your life - you want action.

That's where the "catalyst" part comes in.

A catalyst is defined as, "an accelerant that is added to a solution in order to accelerate the desired results."

Your own boundless brilliance is the catalyst you need to accelerate your potential energy into kinetic action. 

In a single, 2-hour intensive session, dive deep into what you want to achieve, the beliefs holding you back, and how you can accelerate your potential energy into life-changing kinetic action.

Love From Clients

  • Boundless Brilliance

    “In the Fall of 2012, I started to work with Lollo. I had been running my company for almost six years, and I was exhausted. I did everything myself, and the revenue was a low six-figure. I had many thought forms and beliefs that I constantly affirmed to be true. Everything from “Money is not important” to “I want to be free, and therefore I don’t need any help or don’t want to have any employees”.

    Lollo helps me feel courageous and safe. Only a couple of months into our collaboration I had taken on my first employee. I had also outsourced the bookkeeping. I have since never again said that “money isn’t important”. This step was the start of a fantastic journey, for me personally and for my company.

    Seven years later, I am living a fully balanced life and have the freedom of working only four days/week. The company is profitable, and we are turning multiple seven figures. We are in total of 5 employees now. Thank you, Lollo, for encouraging me to make big leaps in my development and growth. You have a unique ability to make me feel that everything is possible.”


    CEO, Hälsoresurs

Are these the results you are looking to achieve as well?

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