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Six Pillars of Boundless Brilliance

Explore the Six Pillars to Go from Hustling 6-Figure Solo Entrepreneur to Boundless Brilliance and Excel in
Life and Business Like My Client Anette

Boundless Brilliance

“"In the Fall of 2012, I started to work with Lollo. I had been running my company for almost six years, and I was exhausted. I did everything myself, and the revenue was a low six-figure. I had many thought forms and beliefs that I constantly affirmed to be true. Everything from "Money is not important" to "I want to be free, and therefore I don't need any help or don't want to have any employees".

Lollo helps me feel courageous and safe. Only a couple of months into our collaboration I had taken on my first employee. I had also outsourced the bookkeeping. Never again I had the thought that "money isn't important". This step was the start of a fantastic journey, for me personally and for my company.

Seven years later, I live a fully balanced life and have the freedom of working only four days/week. The company is profitable, and we are turning multiple seven figures. We are in total of 5 employees now. Thank you, Lollo, for encouraging me to make giant leaps in my development and growth. You have a unique ability to make me feel that everything is possible."”

CEO, Hälsoresurs Sverige AB

Is this a result you are looking to
achieve as well? Read on!   

Desk at work

As an entrepreneur, we are all leaders in our respective industries, but in the daily challenges and as our company grows, it gets easy to get lost and lose confidence in yourself, your vision, and what you are here to create.

Have you ever tried to accomplish a massive goal that stretches you far outside your comfort zone?

I am sure you felt the same way when you started your own business and haven't thought about what it would take to make it work so it can flourish beyond the most significant vision you initially had.

So, when was the last time you set a goal for your company that genuinely challenged you?

My guess is, like most of my clients you've started to become reactive rather than co-creative.

You go through the daily motions and respond to all demands, whether that's your families, team members or clients' needs.

You are so consumed by your business's daily operation that you no longer have space, even to set a goal that is so massive that you can jump out of bed in the morning being scarily excited because you are outgrowing yourself on a daily.

If you no longer jump out of bed, truly excited and a little scared to expand your company, this is for you.

If you are in a place where you've tried to accomplish a goal but haven't achieved it for over three months or made significant, measurable progress every single day, then this is for you.


For example, if you are writing a book and set yourself a deadline or have a publisher do that for you, you should be breaking down how many chapters you write to reach each milestone and how many pages each week.

If you haven't written the pages outlined in your map, you have a measurable parameter that indicates that you are not on track to meeting your deadline.

From working with executive leaders and entrepreneurs for over 20 years, I know that the problem lies in fear.

When you are afraid that you won't accomplish that big goal, you start self-sabotaging your success.

You end up over-thinking, being a perfectionist, and ultimately start procrastinating because you are not willing to take imperfect action with less clarity.


Truth told, imperfect action with less clarity, and a little fear always leads to more clarity and less anxiety. Because you can always course correct and ask for help along the way. But if you are not even on the road driving, how can you expect someone to show up and point you in the right direction?

As a leader, you might think you must have it all together all the time and show up as this perfect version. Otherwise, you can't say that you are a leader.

That definition of a leader has its roots in a false perception of the toxic egotistic patterns that asking for help or saying no is a sign of weakness. It's how our ancestors were raised and why they worked so hard.

But in today's world, this belief pattern massively sabotages the success of building your multi-million-dollar company.

The problem with you taking on more tasks than you can handle is that you are leaking your life force and repeatedly giving your power away. 

Whenever you are short in time, money, or support and continuously feel like drowning in your responsibilities, you are giving your power away because you are not in line with your true Self.


Even though this seems like it's all happening internally within ourselves, that's not the case. It affects your revenues, your business's development, and your overall desire to give back. 


How do I know this? Because I have been a leader myself, I experienced all of this and learned the hard way.

I have been an entrepreneur for the past 20+ years. I've been mentoring and coaching senior entrepreneurs to thrive in life and business and lead multi-million teams.

I've also worked myself sick. I managed to navigate extreme and tough emotional times, such as divorce, loss of my job, moving away from my home, network, and friends, lost my fortune, and had to work it back from scratch.

Shortly, I have lived what I am teaching, and I have taken hundreds of executive leaders and entrepreneurs through this same journey.

I have seen them go from overworked, burned out, exhausted workers to thriving multi-million-dollar CEO's. Some of the feedback you'll get to read below!

Even during difficult times, we can't just survive. We need to rise as the leaders we are and set the bar for much higher possibilities.

The work we do is not just for you! It will affect your team, your loved ones, your community, the planet, and humanity itself.

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Several reasons why leading a multi-million team from your fullest potential is such a challenging game, as I have seen it in my client's life and business over the years, are:

  1. Whenever we focus all our attention on others, we disburse our energy and lose power and life force. We are becoming victims of other people's Drama, and we react instead of creating.
  2. Losing power and life force come at a high cost and a negative effect on your revenue. Financial fear is one of the most crippling emotions and only pushes your results further away.
  3. Let's face it — Fear of standing in your full creation and fulfilling the vision of the leader you want to see is scary. Growing, expanding, and fully owning your power is uncomfortable!

If you are stuck in those loops and as a result, the feast and famine cycle, you will not lead from your fullest potential. You risk making bad decisions and drain your company's resources such as the creation, employees, money, and joy.

Isn't one of the reasons you started your company was because of your passion? Are you willing to give in to failure, or do you want to step up and reclaim your love and power for your business?

Let Us Recession-Proof Your Life
So You Can Recession-Proof Your Business!

The shocking truth is: Most leadership programs offered today disempower you as a human being. They teach you to trust a model that is created outside of you. They put you in a mould, and you learn to solve problems and situations after a constructed module, act according to diagrams and boxes with information.

The hard truth is: To thrive in your business, you must first become the person leading from the thriving vision of your life and your company so you can execute as the new multi-million version of yourself.

With all 6 Pillars of Boundless Brilliance incorporated in your daily life, you can confidently, powerfully, and wisely pursue thriving, in both life and business, and lead yourself, your team and others from an upgraded personal & professional foundation.

Following a pre-set course will not help you or your business. Why? It's not because it doesn't work, but because that program is designed to work for them. Not you.

Now, this is not just another Law of Attraction course. You will not hear me say you need to think and feel, and all will create itself. Nothing gives you more power and self-esteem than living and acting in a new reality, confidently pursuing your mission and moving beyond what you imagined.

New habits and actions are needed for that. So here is what
you are going to tackle in this self-study portal:

You are:

  • Setting the bar for your standards and what's possible much higher
  • Reclaiming this big, audacious goal that you've either given up on or that you've never set for yourself because you are scared not to accomplish it
  • Diving into the areas where your self-esteem has taken a considerable hit and reclaim your confidence so you can boldly claim your new goal
  • Outlining an action plan and milestones for this audacious goal
  • Looking at how you've sabotaged your success in the past and outline how you can get yourself out of that rut to move ahead full speed
  • Connecting with that millionaire version of you that is already living and breathing what you've set out to achieve so you can act from this new version

You will reclaim your confidence and gain the clarity for your next steps because they are clearly outlined, take those uncomfortable actions, hit your milestones, and move past fear.

Short, you'll stop procrastinating and start claiming back your most precious commodity - your time.

This work is intensive. Not only will we have actionable lessons that you have to keep implementing regularly. You will unlock your hidden potential, boost self-esteem, and strengthen your energetic Self, mentally, intuitively, emotionally, and professionally.


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Yes, that is correct! We will be taking a deep dive on all the
Six Pillars of Boundless Brilliance for one single payment!

You'll have lifetime access, a premium membership. I'll invite you to our private community where we all empower each other to become better leaders that bring forth a new generation of self-actualised leaders who lead by example, not merely by words. Typically, you would have to pay thousands of dollars for these lessons, like my private clients pay every month.

Learn to navigate your days, boost resilience, and strengthen your self-esteem with wisdom, compassion, and Presence. Each training includes the topic itself, processes to uncover and release blocks, limitations, guided meditations, and Q&A.

Here is what the portal will cover:

Element #1

Holding your ground in Leadership

You will have a clear understanding of how the collective/tribe/family/community influenced your choices and how you set yourself up for success. 

You will identify the first Illusion – that of separation – and work through a series of clarifying coaching questions that help you shift from feeling disempowered to feeling awake and in charge of your own life/success/choice.  

You will also create a plan for closing the emotional, mental, physical, spiritual fear-based energetic leaks and start healing. 

You will have a clear idea about the kind of environment you unconsciously are creating (life/home/business) and make conscious choices about what you want to develop or enhance instead. 

Element #2

Wise and Wealthy 

You will understand how you unconsciously participate in Drama. You will identify your modus operandi in challenging situations; your fight-flight-freeze behaviour. And how you give away your power to other people. 

We also discuss the "loss of control" issue that many people have and how that stops the free flow of wealth/creativity.

You will identify some money patterns that are ruling your financial success, and we will transform them into more healthy, supportive belief structures so you can step up from the hustling 6-figure entrepreneur to the 7-figure CEO.

Element #3


We'll address the Self – deserving, boundaries, standards, approval from others.  

We disempower beliefs and illusions that weaken the Self. You will also understand that strengthening Self is an ongoing process, and it's not a question of just setting firm boundaries but what I am sharing on this topic during this lesson. 

Element #4

Amplifying Your Energetic Antenna  

You'll meet your Inner Self and learn how you are unconsciously sabotaging your intuition. 

You will also learn how deeply connected, and interactive your intuition is with the first three Pillars of Boundless Brilliance.   

Element #5

Power over Comfort  

You will become clear about unconscious behaviours and attitudes that you think empower you but disempower you.

You will strengthen your mental power. You will understand the concept of Choice and how it positively can influence you in your business and life. 

You will get the key to living at ease, leading with ease and leading from the Presence, free from Drama. 

Element #6

The Key Learning
How to Staying

Cool Under Pressure

You will get a clear understanding of the three principles for Boundless Brilliance Leadership. 

You will get practical tools to take you quickly out of Drama and into Presence.

You will dissolve and replace illusions and beliefs that weaken your power as a leader. 

At the end of implementing the teachings in the Boundless Brilliance Leadership Portal, you will have the essential tools you need to navigate your days and strengthen your self-esteem with wisdom, compassion, and Presence.

You will have increased resilience, released internal stress, and equipped yourself to take back your power and start making decisions as to the leader who executes actions as the 7-figure CEO and not the 6-figure solo entrepreneur who is doing everything in the business.

You will show up for your employees with a calm, focused, and an attitude of excellence while maintaining empathy, strong leadership, and collaboration skills. That's how you'll be loved and respected and can get the best out of your team.

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Is becoming a boundlessly brilliant leader of
a multi-million company that leads an
incredibly successful
team with empathy, authority, and effectiveness
a result you are looking to achieve? 

Then I would love to see you inside the portal.

We will dive deep into your specific issues and disempower beliefs and thought structures that no longer fit with the new version of you as a 7-figure CEO.

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I have taken hundreds of clients, through this process of shifting from feeling powerless with no life force to feeling richly empowered and fully alive. The topic is often overseen as many think the spiritual/hear connection is more important. My thought is that most people not even think of this power centre as something vital or even existing. 

Most of my clients are surprised about how much they miss just by not knowing these six pillars. Potential is wasted and growth - cut.

Without understanding the Power that lays in these six pillars, their self-confidence, energy and Power will always be limping.


Join the masterclass today and get it bundled with a
bonus workshop -  
Becoming Wise and Wealthy
for a limited time.


What's in the "Becoming Wise and Wealthy Workshop?"

Disempower wealth blockers and excel in business without the hustle

Many wealth issues we deal with are related to shame, self-doubt, and guilt. We unknowingly keep these in our subconscious until such time that we need to make significant business decisions. When those moments come; however, we break down inside and choose to stay in our comfort zones.

These wealth issues I'm talking about might include:

  • Limiting our income beliefs based on the experiences of our peers around us. They tell us that we can't do it enough to start believing what they say.
  • A mindset telling ourselves that the only way to excel is to hustle more and work harder.
  • Thinking that the one mistake we made in the business will make you fail.
  • Feeling doomed and continually losing the self-confidence to pick ourselves back up.

And there are a lot more wealth blockers that are stopping us from getting what we deserve.

Many coaches and "empowerment" programs will tell us to "stay positive" or say, "you just need to keep manifesting and doing your business in a place of passion" but to be honest with you—it doesn't
work that way.

You have to understand

This workshop has a down to earth approach. No wishy-washy spiritual nonsense and "Law of Attraction" woo-woo. It's practical, real, but it works like magic.

Don't get lost in what the mainstream new age gurus or coaches teach you about manifesting and "asking the universe".

In this workshop, make it work for you by questioning your beliefs, attitudes, and actions. By the end of this intensive training, you'll become conscious about whom you are and start becoming the person you would like to be.

It's a practical approach, doable, Challenging—yes, but so very much rewarding.

I have lived it and transformed myself with the principles found in this workshop. What I'm about to teach you has helped many hustling entrepreneurs do the same thing you're doing. What you're about to do, I've done it all and conquered all the challenges. If I can do it, so can you.


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Still not convinced? Please don’t take my word for it.
Here are some of the entrepreneurs who already have 
experienced the 6 Pillars of Boundless Brilliance!

Hear Business Coach and Mentor Evelyn Gandrup and what she has to say about the 6 Pillars of Boundless Brilliance  Master Class.

  • Boundless Brilliance

    “I had been looking for a business coach for several years before I met Lollo, and had not found somebody that I could relate to. It was important for me to find an executive attentive coach that could help me to outline my goals, handle fears, analyze my current situation as well as my possibilities and, above all, help me to make my business move forward.

    I wanted someone who could give me guidance in how to achieve an economic success in my business in order to find the balance in life that is so important.

    Lollo has helped me with all this and much more. She gives me insight in the possibilities that surrounds us all and she has undoubtedly helped me to find
    the right strategies in my business.”

    CEO, NW Production

  • Boundless Brilliance

    “I worked with Lollo a number of months ago, specifically in relation to the boom-bust cycle that so many entrepreneurs and consultants experience. I'd always had the ability to make plenty of money but it's a talent I had balanced with an equal ability to splurge while taking it easy for a month or three. I somehow needed financial pressure to focus myself on serving others through my work. As a result I wasn't having nearly the impact I wanted to have. That's when I met Lollo and
    had a session with her.

    Lollo took me to some very unexpected places and although we were connecting over Skype it had an immediate physical impact on me. I had a feeling some held beliefs were being drawn out of me, and some of those I didn't even know I had. The session was profound and immediately a whole range of small changes began to occur leading to slew of additional insights and
    changes over the following months.

    Three months later I am looking at the busiest year and the strongest flow of work I've ever had in my consulting business. Nothing has changed with my content, relationships or desire to serve others and lift global consciousness, but there's been a significant shift in my attitude to my own success and what comes with it. That small change has had a profound impact on how I approach my life's work and what the world is reflecting back to me.

    I'm so grateful that I've had the opportunity to work with Lollo and am delighted to make this recommendation.”


  • Boundless Brilliance

    “I’m the owner of an Executive Search firm. We started in 2009, and after a couple of years, I began to lose the spark of joy in what I was doing. It became mundane, and I began to ponder what I would do with the rest of my life. Should I continue the same up to retirement, or should I do something completely different?

    I had known Lollo since 2012 when I did my first education with her. Her holistic approach has always been fascinating to me, and at the beginning of 2018, I decided to hire her as my coach. At the time, I was just through a separation, my energy was bottom low, and I felt confused about my future.

    During the years we’ve been working together, Lollo has helped me change my mindset entirely. I am fully aware that what I think and tell myself become my truth. She has helped me see opportunities instead of problems. She helped me to see that EVERYTHING is possible! The fact that she’s a tremendously wise and savvy businesswoman makes her the best companion a business owner can have.

    My years with Lollo have given me a lot of energy on so many different levels. Above all, I have grown and developed as a person, and I’ve found myself on a profound level. As a coach, Lollo is genuinely interested in me as a person. She’s deeply engaged and knowledgeable about my business. In combination with her wisdom about how everything is linked together, her business mind makes her exceptional. ”

    CEO, Select Executive Search

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  • Boundless Brilliance

    I’m working through your 4th Pillar now and this is simply awesome! So many thought provoking words, intriguing questions and profound wake up’s. You’re so clear, so humble, and soul touching. You leave me with a feeling that everything is possible, that everything will be all right and even great. It’s a feeling of “Let’s go!, Let’s do this!” You are amazing. You should write your own book! ”

  • Boundless Brilliance

    “Wow! This is so deep and so rich! I never attended such an intense training, in such a short time, for such an affordable price. I have so many new insights! I’m excited for my future.”

  • Boundless Brilliance

    “This is indeed healing for the soul and taking leadership to a whole new level!”

  • Boundless Brilliance

    “I just love the way you weave everything together in a beautiful weave of self and business leadership.”

  • Boundless Brilliance

    “I found the Master Class fun, exciting and harsh! Well worth the time if you want to go deeper into yourself and take a step forward in your personal development. I have gained new insights and new questions/areas to ponder.”